How Strong Is Your Pull-Out Game?

‘I’m comfortable with him just pulling out because essentially I trust him. We do use condoms now and again’

20-30 something-year-olds have now been named as the ‘pull-out generation’ according Ann Friedman who wrote in New York Magazine The Cut. She explains how it is often used amongst women and men, who have been in long term monogamous relationships and done because of the side effects they’ve experienced when using other forms of birth control…and due to the fact, they just dislike the feel of condoms.

Coitus interruptus is a method I’m sure many have heard of, especially if you’re sexually active. It involves the man withdrawing his penis from a woman’s vagina just before he has an orgasm. A type of contraception that is still being used despite being knowledgeable about the safer options.

I spoke to some women in relationships who shared their withdrawal experiences with me. Claire, 26, says: ‘It’s just more convenient. I enjoy having sex one moment, then dipping right back to giving him oral pleasure. When he’s got a rubber on, it takes away from the excitement.’

Natasha, 24, who has been with her partner for over 2 years explains: ‘I have used different contraceptives..the IUD, numerous types of pills. I’m comfortable with him just pulling out because essentially I trust him. We do use condoms now and again.’

Yes, I too can raise my hand and say I have been careless with contraception which has resulted in me taking the morning after pill. That’s down to fact, I simply do not want to see any sort of bump growing so took extra precautions.

The Feminist Women’s Health Center say that ‘While withdrawal has been criticized as a non-method, it is 73-96% effective for birth control, depending on the male partner’s self knowledge and self control.’ This shows that pulling out is not totally ineffective, however it can not protect you against STI’s and HIV/AIDS.

In 2011 fertility experts in Hull and Princeton, New Jersey, published a research paper which showed that out of 27 men they found that 37% had sperm which was still active in their pre-ejaculate. Meaning, it’s still possible for some men to knock up their sexual partner because of the dewdrop.

Duke University researchers have estimated that one-third of women between the ages of 15-24 have relied on coitus interruptus. But why are we risking our bodies for a few minutes of pleasure, especially when it’s not used as a last option, but primary?

A lot of the women Ann Friedman spoke to were either married or weren’t too bothered if they did get pregnant, so although this is seen as a contraception to several, it’s always wise to think about safer options if pregnancy is not at the top of your list.

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