Highlight And Contour Tips You Have To Try

Here are a few tips to understanding the technique of highlighting and contouring.

Two Shades Lighter

Going up two shades lighter than your skin tone is enough and reasonable. Two shades lighter is just the right amount of lightness you’ll ever need and won’t leave looking silly.

Get your shade correct.


Feel Your Face


We all have different face shapes and facial structures. You have to feel your face in order to understand where your high points are (where light hits) and where your low points are (where no light hits).

This helps you to also understand what you want to emphasise.

So me for instance without my foundation light hits my forehead A LOT and emphasises it. With foundation it brings the light intake down, which means I don’t have to highlight that part like others who have smaller foreheads. This means I need to contour if anything.

The usual Kim K contour template may not work for you. So change it and personalise it to your face.

Nose job?!

There is nothing like a good contoured nose BUT some of us take it quite far. Lightly contour and build up the dark shade slowly.

Don’t use a heavy hand and don’t over do it.

Banana Powder is’t for us all

There are other shades to the Ben Nye Powder collection that will help to set your highlight perfectly. USE THEM!

If you do use it, use it sparingly. As I said before, the slapped with baby powder look isn’t a good one and especial with the flash on cameras – Not forgiving ladies.



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Leah Busette

Leah Busette

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