Habits To Make You Orgasm

Anybody who knows my sensual side knows that I take female pleasure and orgasms very seriously. I feel like a woman and her orgasms should be just as familiar and necessary to her as her need to retouch her eyebrows or reapply her lip-gloss. It’s just a must!

Being able to cum, as a woman is not always easy. Nearly all men are able to cum without much difficulty, hesitation or at times, even much effort. Unfortunately this is not the case for many women, and having the ability to climax is something often non-existent or at times an arduous task.

This article explores 4 behavioural habits that women who regularly climax indulge in that you could adopt to possibly help you on your own pleasure journey.

  1. They masturbate regularly

For a woman, masturbation in my book is healthy. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of self-exploration and understanding your own body. As a woman you can do yourself a disservice by not getting in tune to what makes your body tick. Being dependent on your partner to discover you can make the task of orgasms that bit more difficult to achieve. Not to downplay your partner, as he or she may be fantastic in making you feel good (and that is always a wonderful and important thing!), but when a woman becomes an expert on her own body she becomes aware of where her feel good spots are and the kind of things that she may enjoy to get her off. With this knowledge she could guide her partner in what makes her tick. When you know what is exciting and arousing to you, your partner can simply play on this and enhance these sensations. But even better is the knowledge of ownership in gaining understanding and control of your own pleasure. Having your pleasure in your own hands (literally!) will give you access to your orgasms as if going to a cash machine, whether your partner is there or not!

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2.They pay attention to their clit


“The vast majority of women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.”

Stimulation of the clitoris is almost the go to button when in doubt of how or where to start when exploring options to climax. The clitoris is a small bud like formation located about the opening of the vagina at the top of the inner labia. This little diamond between our thighs is packed to the brim with with nerve endings and can become engorged when we are aroused enough. So much pleasure can come from our little friend when stimulated the right way, and the wonderful thing is there are so many fun and creative ways to bring about explosive clitoral orgasm, from fingers, to vibrators to the tongue of your partner, women who give their clit some love usually results in that big O.


  1. Foreplay is not rushed or neglected


Foreplay is so important in helping us as women to achieve our orgasm. Sometimes this can be neglected in the bedroom but it is significantly, a key component when helping us as women to reach the climaxes of our dreams, leaving us in a state of bliss and total satisfaction. The actions of foreplay help to arouse your erogenous zones and build up the necessary sensations that help to educe orgasms. Great foreplay consisting of sensual kisses, gentle strokes and caresses in all the right places, combined with the correct kind of intense tongue and finger action can lead you right on track to that explosive climax. Giving enough attention to awakening your senses via sexual stimulation is so important in helping to discover your orgasms, so don’t be shy in asking your partner to spend a little more time on all of you and not just down there.


  1. They don’t stress about trying to orgasm


To put it simply, feeling anxious and over thinking about wanting to orgasm literally blocks you from the pleasure you could be experiencing and the climaxes you could be having. As crazy as it sounds, this really is true! Try to relax and focus on enjoying the sensations of pleasure you are feeling and not the end result. In fact, sometimes the more relaxed you are in body and mind the quicker and easier it is for you to reach orgasm. Orgasms are just as much a mental thing as it is physical so letting your self go by freeing your mind, literally frees the orgasms!

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