Figuring Out Your 20’s

“Sometimes growing up has to be done” – said one my good friends.

Of course some sort of growing up has to be done when we hit that 18/21 year old mark, but that shouldn’t stop you from embracing your child-like side. Run wild like a lion, and let your mane down, because nobody is perfect.

Some of us know exactly what we want to do when we graduate from university, some might already have the resources to be where they want to be, whilst the rest haven’t got the slightest clue on how to get there or where to even start.

But that is OKAY.

Your late teens/early 20’s doesn’t have to be spent constantly figuring what you want to do in life, ‘experiment and explore’. If you do know what you want to achieve in life, then up your game in researching, networking and putting practical and useful resources to work; on the contrary, if you don’t know what you want do in life, (which is okay, because our minds are always changing) then experiment in fields of work that take on your interests and explore them.

Be courageous to jump at any given opportunity

You have fewer obligations that require a serious amount of attention, so be young and selfish! When an opportunity comes your way that find interesting or unique, go for it; so whether it’s assisting someone in a work field that you find interesting or moving half way across the world to do some volunteering, go for it, because you never know where your experiences may lead you.

Don’t sustain shitty jobs that you find horrible and pointless (unless you really need it)

Always find a job that you know you’ll enjoy to wake up and go to every morning. Working pointless jobs will drain you, you may even end feeling stressed and so on.

Stop your complaints right there

I used to be a TOP complainer, I pretty much used to complain about the courses I studied, unavailable resources, weather, and anything known to man that you could complain about.

But you have to remember that YOU are responsible for your own happiness and everything you attract into your life, because. Complaining will only bring more things to complain about thus making you feel miserable, if you don’t like the way things are going on in your life then do something about it, and speak to someone trust worthy.

Embrace failure

“Every wrong turn, every mistake, every delay is just another opportunity to experience something new.”

There’s no doubt that you won’t have an encounter with failure on your path of life. Failures are actually a key guide to seeing what works in your life and what doesn’t work, not everything is going to be perfect mate. So drop that ‘I shall not fail’ mentality, embrace it the downfalls in life, because sometimes they make the most life changing memories in life.

Don’t rush

We spend half our lives wishing we were a year or two older sometimes, and then we rush all the memories that are worth waiting for. Why are you rushing to graduate? To get married? To have the perfect career? Take your time and enjoy life.

Keep learning

Whether you are in an institution at this present moment or not, keep learning different fields, it costs you nothing to gain some knowledge of unfamiliar things underneath your belt? Remember knowledge is power, so take advantage of it and run wild.

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