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In honour of writing about the LBD, we at Simply Oloni must honour the woman who created it.

Timeless. Effortless. Classic. These are just few words that round up Coco Chanel. She is known as one of the most influential people within the 20th century and for good reason.

She founded the Chanel brand by realising her passion in fashion design. She paved the way within the industry in her era by removing the constraint of the corset silhouette and creating a more casual/sport chic look, which is very popular till this day. She created a different mould for women to step into, getting rid of the frills and fuss of the clothing worn by women of the earlier years. She had now created what could be deemed as equality in fashion. No more long “hobble skirts” and big over accessorised hats, clothing became simple, clean cut and understated.

Chanel’s entire concept for her designs was to emphasise elegance in the most definitive way. Taking inspiration from sailors, fishermen and jockeys, she created some of the most sought after fashions. One design in particular that will be forever loved and cherished by women across the globe is the LBD or in other words the “Little Black Dress” which is seen as one of Chanel’s biggest contributions to fashion. The LBD was also criticised by male journalists, as it didn’t reveal the flesh of women that they were used to seeing, therefore becoming innovative, new and in some sense daring. Another major design that will live forever is the classic Chanel Handbag which was given the name “2.55” due to the when the bag was created (February 1955). The quilted design was influenced by jackets worn by jockeys and some elements of the bag including the chain and the burgundy red lining were an indication to her orphanage days.

Coco Chanel gave way to whole new meaning of what it is to be elegant and classic. She created new paths for women to feel sexy by showing less flesh and being more casual chic. Her designs will live on through time and hold a special place in everyone’s wardrobe.




Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel aka Coco Chanel

19th August 1883 – 10th January 1971

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