New eBook – DEAR OLONI – Out NOW!

A Collection Of Sex & Relationship Answers Every Woman Needs To Read

After a year Oloni is back again with her latest project DEAR OLONI a mini eBook answering sex, dating and relationship questions.

This eBook digs even deeper when responding to real love life questions. It touches on sexuality, cheating, STI’s, marriage, gas-lighting, depression and friendships.

You also get to read snippets of Oloni’s very own relationship dilemmas written to herself as diary entries back when she was 20 years old. Oloni opens up for the first time, sharing her past relationship mishaps.

DEAR OLONI teaches women, in or out of commitments, how to communicate properly, make better romantic decisions and identify when they’re in a codependent relationship.





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Simply Oloni

Simply Oloni

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