Creative Ways To Spend Your Date Nights Indoors

Date nights doesn’t always need to be spent out at fancy bars or restaurants and it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. Getting creative adds a spontaneous kick to your dating life, so how about trying exploring creative ideas indoors?

An indoor dinner date

They say food brings lovers closer together, so if you love food why not incorporate it into your date night? I’m not talking about ordering a simple pizza from Domino’s or pizza hut I’m talking about getting silly and messy in the kitchen!

How about googling up some recipe’s like home made Spaghetti Bolognese or Lemon cake (meals or desserts, or even both!) and both of you get cracking in the kitchen.

BBCgoodfood or Jamie Oliver’s Recipe Of The Day are some great websites to find some new meals to make.



 Board games

Board games and even puzzles are a great way to spend time with each other indoors. You’re either bringing out your competitive side or working together to find that missing piece.

What about sexual games?

For example Monogamy, is an interesting game to play with your partner. It includes over 400 seductive ideas and 50 fantasies, helps guide couples in bringing back the art of seduction, lust and laughter, it also contains 3 levels of play – which are intimate, passionate and steamy.

Ann Summer’s 4 play dice is also a fun and sexy game for couples. It’s a light game, where the dice is rolled and it gives you naughty instructions; it’s also another fun way to explore each other intimately.

Board games like these can be purchased on sites such as Amazon, Love honey or Ann Summers.

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