Chapped Lips Be Gone!

The winter breeze is creeping in very fast and the first thing it is destined to hit is the lips. Chapped lips are not the nicest or hottest thing to look at, in fact this is the season when you want to pucker up and pout with daring lip colours and maybe kiss a frog or two. So I’m here to the rescue, and to sort out those chapped lip blues.

Get rid of that dry skin

Now you would think that using your normal exfoliating scrub would be the best way to get rid of unnecessary skin on your lips, but you are wrong. The lips can be quite sensitive so using a lip scrub is the best thing for you. A lip scrub gently buffers off all the dead skin which causes dryness of the lips and leaves them feeling ultra smooth, with a mint agent it could also help to plump them up so your pout is ready to take on anything that comes its way.

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Try the Lush Mint Julips lip scrub (£5.50) for new skin, bouncy lips or go for the Tarte Maracuja lip exfoliant 0.7oz (£9.93) for buttery smooth lips.


Protect and keep your lips smooth

Exactly like your face after a good exfoliating session, your lips will be unprotected and “raw” due to taking off that dead skin layer. A lip balm will help to protect them and keep them smooth due to their thick consistency and moisturising/hydrating agents. Always look out for ingredients such as aloe vera, cocoa/shea butter and certain oils such as coconut, these help to lock in moisture with every inch of life.

EOS-Blueberry-Acai-Smooth-Sphere-Lip-Balm 8846563999774

Try the Carmex Lip Pot Original (£2.69) for plumped and smooth lips or if you want to be fancy for the EOS blueberry and acai lip balm (£6.50) for a delicious smell and soft lips.

Whether your in a major need of lip pampering or going on that hot date, follow these two simple steps and your lips will be ready for any situation and I can promise there will be no flaky mishaps.

Thank me later.

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Leah Busette

Leah Busette

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