Bye Felipe

An Instagram and Facebook account has  been set up by 27-year-old Alexander Twenton who created a platform called ‘Bye Felipe’. She shares all the outlandish and rude messages women have received from men when not being responsive to their advances via Twitter/Facebook/Instagram messages.

Alexander Twenton blogged about why she created ‘Bye Felipe’ saying: ‘I created the Instagram account @byefelipe three weeks ago in order to compile harassing and hostile messages men send to women after being rejected or ignored.’

She also spoke about her experience on a dating site and being insulted when not showing an interest adding: ‘Under their logic, we are supposed to entertain any man who is interested in conversation or a date just because we exist on a dating site.’

The term ‘Bye Felipe’ is a spin off from ‘Bye Felicia’ a quote taken from the movie ‘Friday’,  now commonly used  to dismiss someone you find annoying. Social media pages such as Instagram has been reported to have gained over 25,000 followers and is currently growing by the hour.

Twenton also shared: ‘After seeing these disturbing messages grouped together, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that our society has a misogyny problem.’

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