Brands Do NOT Equate To Style

Over the years there has been an increase in wanting designer and brands names in order to look stylish and chic, but is that all style is really about? I can speak for myself and most when I say that style is not just about where your clothes come from, it’s more about how you wear it. There have been many celebrities who have nearly all the money and the world and still cannot or never get it right, i.e. Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian etc.

It is all well and good having the money to afford designer labels and latest garments and accessories, however this doesn’t mean that people are given instant style points because they’ve bought the latest things. How someone puts together an outfit is the MOST IMPORTANT part of looking on trend and being fashionable. For instance, a woman could shop at every high street store you know, from primark to h&m to River island to Topshop to Zara and look a million pounds worth, where as another woman could buy everything designer and no matter how many times she says her bag is from “Louis Vuitton” and her shoes are from “Yves Saint Laurent” and her coat is from “Max Mara”, if  she put the outfit together and it’s an utter shambles you will be looking at her and asking that all important question,

“What the hell is she wearing?”

Our clothing represents us and our style as individuals/human beings, and this is what people see first before they speak to us or get to know us and how you’ve styled an outfit no matter where its from, could be a total deal breaker. Another point to make is that you cannot force styles by being drenched in high fashion or street fashion goods, lastly an important rule is not place so much importance on these goods in hopes that you’ll look “fabulous darling”.

At the end of day it all bottles down to,

Good styling. Good Fashion sense.

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Leah Busette

Leah Busette

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