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God. I’ve been dumped and I’m utterly crushed, two and a half years down the drain and completely out of the blue. All the talk of the future wasted, the emptiness is real. The not knowing is fucking killing me. It’s been a couple weeks and I still cannot move on, there are reminders everywhere I swear it. What’s the best way to get over someone? I tried a rebound thing real quick and hated it all. Genuinely feel so at a loss and saddened. I’ve never been the one dumped before and this fucking hurts 🙁 21. February 2018

Hey love, sorry to hear you’re going through a rough time. Myself and probably the people reading this will be able to relate, and it’s not always easy, especially if it’s out of the blue!

The annoying part is, you don’t wake up the next day and *poof* it all goes away, it takes time and effort from your end. Keeping yourself busy, working on who you are, spending time with friends and making a real effort to continue this cycle. Allow yourself to deal with the pain, so cry if you need to, talk to a good friend who can also relate. We’ve all been dumped before. Eventually you’ll notice that although you may miss them from time to time, the feelings will not be as strong. You have to be patient too!


My partner constantly wants to know ‘who’. If I’m walking home from work “who are you walking back with”, if I’m having lunch in the office “who are you sitting with”, if people wished me happy birthday (example) “who wished you happy birthday”. It just seems like he needs to know everything. He also wants to know what I’ve spoken to someone about. If my friends message me, he would ask “who’s that?”, I’ll respond with who it is and then it ALWAYS follows with “what did they say?” without fail?! Is this normal? Because I don’t do it to him… 16. February 2018

That’s not normal, it’s suffocating. Talk to him and explain how you’re feeling. It’s incredibly annoying. Do you think there’s a reason he might be doing it? Have there ever been any issues in the past, where he’s had to question your loyalty, because wth??

Hopefully when you talk to him, you’ll see some changes.


So I love masturbating, I admit it I can’t lie. It feels so good, but when I was talking to a friend who is a Christian she kept telling me I was going to hell, now I’m torn between do I rub the clit and have a great time or refrain from doing it because boi hell must be maddddd hot 16. February 2018

Lol! woah. I might be wrong but I’ve never heard of the bible talk about masturbation. Your friend looking down on you, is forgetting that masturbating is very healthy and natural. Self pleasure in life is generally important in my opinion.


Hey Oloni.. So we’re a group of three female best friends and one of them got married last weekend… Thing is the other best friend in the group planned her engagement announcement on the wedding day…I warned her that she shouldn’t do it on our friends special day unless she also agrees to it but she insisted that she keeps it a surprise for everyone but anyway at last she said she’d talk to her …so she announced it by planning a whole acted up proposal to announce that she’s engaged… My other best friend was  mad because she wasn’t notified about this after all and after the wedding we sat down and the friend who got proposed to called the other friend selfish for not sharing her special day… I believe the married friend is in the right here and the other one is in the wrong since she did something like that without making sure the bride and groom are ok too… Soooo who’s in the wrong after all?? 16. February 2018

You’re right, the one who decided to share her proposal on your friends wedding day is in the wrong. What an asshole. She’s a very selfish friend.


Hey Oloni, I’m a 27 year old girl. I was with my boyfriend for just over a year and I only actually came when we had a sex not very often. He made me feel really bad for it because apparently “other girls aren’t this difficult to make cum”. At first I thought it was just him being really bad at sex but when we broke up and I started seeing other people I’ve been having the same problem. Is there something wrong with me? Do you have any advice? 16. February 2018

Your ex is a twat who was probably lied to by other women. There’s nothing wrong with you. Annoyingly, women do not climax as easily as men. In fact, there’s been studies which show 75 percent of women don’t orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. Try to understand your body so you can teach future partners how to.


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