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…It’s time to get a new sex toy.


How soon is too soon to get into a relationship after just getting out of one??? X I just got out of a hugely toxic relationship (literally 4 days ago). I made a new friend about 5 weeks ago and he treats me how I deserve. I’m falling for him but I don’t know if it’s too soon!!?? 5. October 2018

I would advise taking it slowly especially as your last relationship was toxic. I say this because when you leave something awful you assume that the new warm feeling is 100x better, when in reality it’s not as amazing as you think. There’s a chance your past relationship could cloud the judgment of how great your new situation is.

Heal first!



Hey Oloni, me and my bf have been together for a while now and I’ve recently found out he’s been cheating on me. We decided to make it work but I don’t feel sexually attracted to him anymore. I love him but the thought of him and another woman has put me off even wanting to touch him. What do I do? 5. October 2018

You need to pump the breaks on your relationship and ne honest about how you feel bu telling him, exactly what you told me.

There’s a chance you could end up resenting him, if you try to pretend you’re ok. Your feelings are valid, so speak up!


Hi Oloni, I can’t lie to you I really really hate sucking dick and I am terrible, however my partner loves this and always wants me to do it, he understands and doesn’t force me and tells me the more I do it the more I’ll like it, Oloni I hate it and it’s almost a chore to do it. How can I overcome this as I want to please my partner 5. October 2018

If you hate it, you hate it. Don’t force it! Find other ways to pleasure him such as hand jobs, and trying new sex positions. Sex shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should be enjoyable for both people involved.


Hey oloni, so I have a best friend (girl) and it’s her birthday coming up. We’ve been friends for almost 10+ years so I said to her I would take her to see the new venom film when it comes out.. but my girlfriend doesn’t agree and is saying if I go she might possibly break up with me, baring in mind I go to my bestfriends house sometimes and you would of thought that would be worse right? Am I in the wrong? 4. October 2018

I see why it’d make her uncomfortable. Perhaps this is a step too far for your gf??

Relationships come with boundaries even people in non-monogamous relationships have them. Yes, she might be cool with house visits from time to time, but now she might think you’re going OTT.

She’s given you an ultimatum, so it’s down to you to decide what to do. Talk to her.

Also, does your best friend not have her own love life. Why is she borrowing someone else’s man? Best friend or not. Eurgh!


Dear Oloni. I recently hooked up with a Guy cause I was getting frustrated horny, but to my surprise the Dick was so bomb. Please how do I get some more of that Dick, seeing as it was supposed to be a one time thing 4. October 2018

Message him and say, “whats gooooood?’



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