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hello, i’m 19 and just finished uni and i’m having to pay my bills myself so now my only solution seems to be getting a sugar daddy. please do you think i should go ahead or not? 4. November 2017

You could also get a job, sell used/unused items. Getting a sugar daddy isn’t really a big deal as long as you’re clued up about it.


Yo Oloni, I had a 3some with one of my girlfriends and a guy who we had both already slept with. Lately I discovered that those two continued sleeping together without telling me and It’s making me feel like I’m not good enough. My friend told me I ate her out the best she’s ever had and the guy who we both had sex with always busts a nutt in minutes with me so why would they pursue a sexual relationship with eachother and not me? When I asked my friend she said she was developing feelings for the guy but wanted to continue having fun with me. The thing is, I’ve developed feelings for the guy, I knew him first and now I feel like i’m losing both of them individually and to eachother. The whole situation is giving me major anxiety and I don’t know how to approach either of them with how I feel? Please Oloni do you have any advice? 19. October 2017

For those reading.. I’m guessing it’s a woman writing in.

Okay, first of all this is why I always tell people to make sure the third party is a stranger. Talk to yur friend about how you feel, it seems as though you could be jealous. If you’re all fooling around at different times the argument of “I knew him first” doesn’t cut it. Especially if the feelings she has for your friend is mutual. Just tell her how you feel and stop sleeping with them both or individually.


If you like a guy and you’ve been texting and hes engaging with conversation well, does it mean he likes you back or is he just being polite as he may not know you like him? 19. October 2017

Depends. If you’ve started every conversation, then he’s just being polite. If not, ask him out and see.


Hello! I was adopted by an English white family (I’m Jamaican by birth) and my whole life my family tried to suppress my culture and tried to keep me from my origins as much as they could, and I never noticed because I was just a child. However I just started uni and I met this amazing Jamaican guy and we’ve been seeing each other and when my family visited, they said I could invite him to lunch with us. They were really nice to him but after told me they thought that I should find someone else because I wasn’t like “his people”. But I literally am? I’m so confused. And angry. Where do I go from here? 19. October 2017

Your parents are racist and you need to have an open conversation about what you’ve noticed.


Hello Oloni, I’ve been with my boyfriend for 9 months and everything was cool at first. I ended up getting pregnant 3 months into our relationship. I was slightly scared but due to us arguing, he told me it would be best to wait to have a child. Now I’m pregnant again and I want to keep the baby this time but his telling me his not ready and babies are expensive etc. I’m still currently hurting over the first abortion and it’s like his not taking my feelings into consideration at all. Do you think it’s time to step away and take care of my child by myself? 19. October 2017

Hey love, I never tell people what to do when it comes to having an abortion, but what I will say is that, if you’ve been there before and struggled, be very careful and think about your next move.

Try speaking to a nurse about your options. If you decide to continue with your poregnancy, there’s a chance that your boyfriend may not be able to support you financially or emotionally, but don’t allow him to pressure you into doing something you can’t handle. It’s not right. Try speaking to a close family memeber who you trust.


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