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“It’s happening and I’m nervous as HELL.

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hi oloni! i’ve been seeing this guy for a couple months but I still can’t find a way to open up. i’m a very reserved person but I like him and know in order not to lose him i need to become more comfortable and transparent. any tips on how to open up to a guy or get to know a guy better? 3. June 2018

Heya hun, opening up isn’t always the easiest for many of us and I think you should let him know this about yourself, so he doesn’t think you’re not into it.

Try asking him questions in order to know him better, in return he’ll probably ask the same question back, giving you a chance to feel more comfortable and respond. Be patient with yourself and hopefully over some time, you should see a difference. Baby steps.


I want to start having more casual sex but where do I meet the guys to do so? 3. June 2018

They’re everywhere.  Bars, clubs, dating apps, social media, shops, the gym, church, friend of a friend, reading this dilemma.


Hey Oloni, so I met this guy in LA, we hit it straight off and I kinda slept with him on the first night thinking I’d never see him again, a few days later we’re meeting up whilst I’m traveling in San Francisco, then he comes to London a week later on his way through and we meet up again. It’s all very coincidental. Me thinking I really liked him stupidly agreed to make a sex tape with him. I get too ahead of myself thinking that all this stuff happens for a reason… now he isn’t replying to my texts! What should I do? Half of me wants to go crazy and get him to delete it, (just Incase I meet someone I like anytime soon) the other half just wants his attention 3. June 2018

Heya hun, ohh nooo! It’s so important to be careful with who you allow to film you during intimacy. I do think you should try calling him (hopefully he answers) and make it clear you’d like the video deleted. You should also try texting him and instead of doing the “hey, just checking in”, communicate you want the video gone.

Allow this to be a lesson sis, we all make silly mistakes. It’s fun in the moment, but there’s always that chance you could potentially regret it.

It’s also illegal for video/images of nudity/sex to be uploaded onto the internet or even passed around without permission. So if anything did happen, you could report him to the police immediately.


Hey oloni, my boyfriend of 1 year does biomedical science in university and I’m planning to go to university and study also but I feel like I’m not on his level like intellectually and that I might be too “dumb” for him which does affect my self esteem, and sometimes I feel like I’m over exaggerating and that he’ll come across someone else he finds more attractive or even more intelligent than me. You see what I mean by overreacting or overthinking 😂 3. June 2018

Hey love, you’re probably over thinking and I’ll tell you for free, it’s a common emotion several people in relationships feel. We self doubt ourselves into thinking our partner might come across someone else who we think could be “better”. If you feel this way, then continue to work on yourself and not for him, but because you want to improve who you are in general.

The truth is if he wanted to be with anybody else, he would be, right? There’s a reason, he’s chosen to be committed to you!


Hey Oloni, what’s your stance on dating a friend’s ex? 3. June 2018

It really depends on the friendship you have and also how long ago they dated in my opinion.




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