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hey, quick question; i’ve been texting this guy for a while now and he takes foreverrrrr to reply. he calls me sometimes but when i call him he never replies. i replied to his text yesterday and he hasnt even replied yet. would it be crazy for me to send another text letting him know his long replies are annoying? the reason i want to text him again is cos if i call he wont answer 5. March 2018

Don’t waste your time. He’s not interested

Hi Oloni, I’m a new sugar baby and I have about two sugar daddies and I only have sex w one of them. So my question is how do I balance my dating life with guys my age 20-23 and sugaring? I have this one guy who I’m dating nd the sex is great, everything is protected and Im always getting tested with all my partners reagudless. So yeah help a baby out cause I still wanna have fun and earn and also dating fun. Xxx 5. March 2018

Heya! Do you know what you want in the future? If it’s a partner, try not get too attached to your SD’s. You’re there for only one reason, so remember that. In terms of juggling both it’s important to remember that every guy you date will not propose tomorrow. So just enjoy the getting to know you stage with the men you’re seeing, till someone’s worth cutting off.


My ex sent me £500 prior to us breaking up because his account was in overdraft. The plan was for me to keep it for him and withdraw it the next time we saw each other. Right before we saw each other, he went out and I saw him dancing with his ex who he swore he would never entertain or speak to again. He was adamant that he disliked her. Should I still give him his money back or should I keep it as some form of compensation for the time I wasted with him? After all I did spend a lot of money on him 21. February 2018


​ Hi Oloni, I need your help! I was at my boyfriends house at the weekend and went to use his computer. When I went to type something into the search bar, the first thing that came up was a cam girl website. He was sat next to me so I confronted him straight away and he says he sometimes watches free shows before watching porn. Now, I have no problems with him watching porn, but as we continued to talk about it, it turned out he was paying to interact with these girls and paid for pictures. I logged on to his account with him there and went into his inbox. He let me see everything and was very apologetic but I found messages where he was liaising with escorts. He insists he never met anyone and he just gets a thrill out of talking to them. He asked him if he would be ok with it being the other way round and he said no and realised what he’d been doing was wrong. I got mad and left his house. To me interacting with someone online sexually is cheating, especially when he’s paying for it. I thought he was my one and I saw a future with him. Everything else was perfect apart from this. I really don’t know what to Oloni and I really, really need your advice. Do I break up with him? I feel like a line has been crossed and I can’t trust him. 21. February 2018

I can’t tell you how to end your relationship. If you feel like there’s no future between the two of you, then perhaps you should move on. You might need a break to gather your thoughts. Maybe a conversation needs to be had in terms of boundaries on what you expect in a monogamous relationship and when it comes to pornography. If he wouldn’t like you doing the same thing, then the asshole knew he was doing something wrong.


Oloni, I need your help I beg. My boyfriend’s semen is like battery acid. So bad I don’t even wanna go there often. How do I get him to change his diet, etc? 21. February 2018

Oh goodness! Well, you’re going to have to speak to him and tell him what it tastes like. If he changes his diet over a couple of months, there could be some improvements. It’s going inside YOUR mouth, so be vocal.


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