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I’m a guy and I like to finger my butthole while masturbating, I’m 100% not a gay but it just gives me some next level pleasure and I cum so damn hard! So is there anything wrong with it or should I keep doing what I enjoy? 8. June 2018

There’s nothing wrong with it, you’ve just sexually explored what your body enjoys and understand what gets you off. Anal play heighten your sexual desire, no different from men or women who enjoy their nipples being played with.. plus your gspot is there


So I’ve been having casual sex with my ex for a few months now, the sex went from WOW to great, to nice, to flat for me, but he’s still in the wow stage.. how do I tell him I’m not into it anymore? 8. June 2018

Try communicating what you enjoy. Explain what made is so ‘wow’ before. You might need to try and find a new way to make it exciting again, so figure what it was you enjoyed before it went flat.

Make sure you’re on contraception too!


How do you tell a guy he’s shit at oral without offending him? 3. June 2018

Try communicating and tell him how you enjoy oral sex. Guiding is very important as some men believe that future partners will enjoy what past partners have liked. So it’s down to you to teach him about your body.


Hey oloni, so basically I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 3 years now and we’ve had our ups and downs but most recently our main problem is that he’s constantly talking to females on social media. At first I didn’t really care too much because I thought that maybe I was overreacting and that they were just innocent conversations but I’ve seen them and these aren’t conversations that you would have if you were in a relationship, especially if the females he’s talking to don’t know that he’s in a relationship. I’ve spoken about it to him several times and he says that they don’t mean anything and that he just speaks to them when he’s bored. But I’ve gotten to the point where even though he says they don’t mean anything it’s makes me uncomfortable, what do you think I should do since I’ve already told him how I feel? 3. June 2018

If he’s having conversations which are disrespecting your relationships, you need to have another think about this relationship my dear, cus he’s not listening to you.


Hello oloni,so my bf and my close friend were snapchatting the same street dancer today which means they were in the same place. i figured it was a coincidence and one of them would say they spotted eachother but no one has said anything. i have now shown my man the snap from her asking if they bumped into eachother and he’s gotten angry and said London is a big place. what do i do? 3. June 2018

He got a bit too defensive. Speak to your “close friend” and see what they say.


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