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…It’s time to get a new sex toy.


Hey oloni, me and my boyfriend have been together for a while. Recently me and him have been arguing alot lately, and he often blocks me off his social media. One of my friends thought it was shady so she made a fake account (lol) to test his loyalty. And he has been replying to it, saying he’s still single and he’s had bad relationships and that its hard to find time for him. Meanwhile, me and him are still together. I want to leave him but I want to tell him this is the reason why (because he’s not loyal). What do I do? 8. January 2019

Tell him then move on


Hi Oloni. I have a guy friend for 8 years who I call ‘Daddy’ and my bf of 2 months is not ok with it. Yesterday he threatened to end our relationship over me calling my friend a simple word that I’ve always called him. He’s says he thinks it’s inappropriate but I think his reaction is irrational and that he’s being bossy by telling me what nicknames I can and cannot call my longest friend. I haven’t heard from my bf since yesterday’s argument and we usually speak everyday. I feel like he’s not going to call me but I don’t want to be the first one to reach out when it’s his fault that we are arguing, Men smh. What do you suggest I do? 8. January 2019

No not “men” lol I’m trying to understand if this is a cultural thing, but regardless this is just weird. I understand you boyfriends frustration. Apologise and call that guy by the name his parents chose.

..out here calling men who aren’t your dad “daddy” .. tufiakwa.


Sorry, forgot to send my dilemma with that “Hey Oloni” message. I was at work and one of the PTs at my work was flirting with me. We were having deep conversations but also I was saying it was hard to find a fuck buddy and another colleague was suggesting that me and the PT should be fuck buddies, I was really hesitant as I didn’t know him that well. After my shift I went back to his, we got food and we were then thinking about doing the fuck buddy thing.. one thing led to another and we were having sex however he came quickly but not by having sex but foreplay (bit of a shit night, not worth it) We tried again but he because of his recent operation his scar tissue was hurting him, he wanted to go to a&e to get medication and said he would drop me off. I haven’t heard from him since that night and I wonder if he basically just used me for that night? 8. January 2019

Heya, I think he’s super embarrassed. Why not give him a call?


Oloni, I’ve been my now ex’s sidechick for the last year. I finally plucked up the (drunk) courage to leave him on my 30th bday as he spent 1hr of it with me. I dumped him via drunk text but wasn’t rude, just stated I deserved better and I knew he wouldn’t leave his 6th bm. Messaged him 2 days later to see if he had anything to say and he’s now acting like I did him wrong. He thinks coz he stepped out of his comfort zone by buying me flowers for my bday then I dump him next day I was wrong. Was I wrong? Should I have picked a better time? I’m in bits when I know I shouldn’t be. Please help. 8. January 2019

So he has a girlfriend and all of this is going on? Everyone in this scenario is unserious.


Hey Oloni, I have had enough! My boyfriend wants sex everyday and on demand… I could be in the middle of making lunch and he’ll creep up behind me to begin initiating sex. It was cute when we first got together but nearly two years in and I’m happy with sex 3/4 times a week and also the contraceptive I am on is messing with my libido. It’s causing great friction in our relationship. Should we call it quits? I have tried to spice it up but it lasts for a while before it slowly starts to go back to the norm. I’m running g out of things to do to make this work. Please help! 8. January 2019

Hey hun! It’s very common for contraception to screw with your libidio due to the hormones.

Have you told him it’s too much for you? Have you explained how you don’t find his advances as cute as before? These are comments he NEEDS to hear.

Explain to him what you’ve told me. Some couples definitely do go through periods where their sexual energies aren’t on the same level… So I want you to understand that even if you weren’t on contraception, it wouldn’t be unsual.



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