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“It’s happening and I’m nervous as HELL.

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Hi Oloni. Any advice on what to look out for in open relationships. About to start one for the first time and would like some tips or something. Done some research already but would appreciate your point of view. Thanks 3. August 2018

Heya! It’s best to just be positive about the situation, always be honest with your partners(s) and ask that it be reciprocated at all times. Every type of relationship requires patience, so remember that and you’ll be fine. Also, remember to always communicate.


Oloni what does it mean if your boyfriend of 8 months says he’s had a dream about you having his child 😪😂😂 he said the dream was crystal clear. 2. August 2018

He’s trying to gas you out of using condoms during sex. Do not fall for it. Men are liars.


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Hi Oloni I have been with my boyfriend for 2.5 years, he’s tall, funny , loyal and has really supported me through my difficult fin year at uni. Im a graduate now and I have a good job. The problem is I currently live in a house share with two other girls and my boyfriend is currently looking for a new job and has been unemployed for 7 months now. I love him and I’m happy to cook for him. But he’s now at my house everyday and I’ve found myself cooking and shopping for two. I understand he hasn’t got much money so I let it slide. But my housemates are starting to feel uncomfortable it’s an all girls house and he practically lives here. I don’t know what to do . I feel like I should support him. 2. August 2018

Lol I cringe every time i read the word “loyal” yikes.

Anyway, lol right it’s such a tough one and this is what I call a REAL dilemma. You’re going to have to have a proper conversation with him and explain what you’ve told me to him. It’s unfair on your housemates if he’s ALWAYS there. He sounds like a great guy so surely he must be understanding. Yes, he’s going through a low moment but you can still help him, whilst not living together as if you’re husband and wife.

Is he able to move back home or is there a specific reason as to why he’s in your house? Be mindful when approaching the situation so it doesn’t come across as insensitive. You’re still able to support him without having him with you 24/7. Try suggesting that he visit you a couple times a week so you can help with his progress and so you’re not stuck having to splash out on food.

When I say relationships are expensive, people think I’m crazy..but look at??

Good luck hun. Keep me posted.




Hi Oloni. So I’ve been seeing this guy for 4 months. Hes cool and all but I don’t fully trust him. I feel he says things just to make me get sexual. I may be paranoid but I don’t mind because I like sex. But I feel he keeps trying to reassure me that he’s not using me but I’ve told him I don’t want anything serious. He’s said I love you twice now and I brush it off. We said we weren’t exclusive but he hasn’t had sex outside where as I have and haven’t told him. I think he wants to make it official but I don’t see a future with him as my man, just friends. I’m not sure how to end this thing nicely and I’m not sure if I’m overthinking everything and if we are on thr same page! 2. August 2018


Hi Oloni, my boyfriend and I had a big argument. When we first met I told him that I live with a roommate. However, I actually live alone. I tell men I live with a roommate because I feel that’s it safer for them not to know I live alone. When we became official I told him the truth thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal but he became angry. He says that I started our relationship with a lie and doesn’t know what else I’ve lied about. I explained to him why I lied in order for him to understand where I’m coming from. This only made him more angry. He thinks that I think he’s a some type of criminal and called me paranoid. It’s been 2 weeks since he’s spoken to me. I feel like he’s blowing it out of proportion but maybe I’m wrong. Any advice? 2. August 2018

Men are actually mad. There’s a reason why women are so fearful to the point they have to choose how to protect themselves. I’m not even trying to be bias, but he’s an actual idiot. He can be annoyed at most, that you lied, but to not speak to you for two weeks is so childish.

I think this is just showing his true colours if I’m completely honest. Wait for him to contact you and explain how you felt.


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