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My boyfriend told me he was gonna take me out for dinner but when the bill came he asked to split the bill, is it wrong for me to think that he should have paid for it considering he was the one who said he was going to take me out? 7. December 2018

Does he always do this? It depends. If you’ve been dating for a while and you have never offered to pay you can’t be completely mad. However, it is a bit crazy that HE said he’d take you out and asked you to foot half the bill. Talk to him about it.


Hi Oloni, I’ve been sleeping with a guy for 8 months now and was already getting doubts about being so casual for so long, so was ready to ask him his thoughts and what he wants. However, my friends have recently been trying to dictate my actions, saying I should text him my feelings and block him etc. but I maintained that I was going to talk to him face to face. One of my friends has now decided to take matters into her own hands by messaging him on instagram in a ‘honey trap’ of sorts. Bearing in mind he knows she is my friend, she has asked him if he’s single and he has replied yes and asked her if she is. My friend has taken this as evidence that he will ‘try with anything that moves’ but it’s just made me feel so shitty because I wanted to deal with him by myself and, even though I know she has good intentions, I am really annoyed that she has got involved. What shall I do?! 7. December 2018

Your friend is a mad person and wanted to sleep with him. That’s the truth. This innocent dude isn’t your boyfriend so he didn’t lie. Everything about this is tremendously childish. Limit what you tell your friends and get some space from her particularly. She’s out of line and needs her own love life to mess up.


Hey Oloni, so I met this amazing guy, 3 months in and we done the deed, everything is going well then I dont hear from him for a few days and find out his ex is pregnant, a few months, but I think she is lying. So he is like oh I must stick by her ect, fair enough but what he doesn’t know is that I’ve just found out I am pregnant too . Do I keep it to myself, raise our baby alone and never contact him again, or tell him I’m pregnant! 7. December 2018

Tell him you’re pregnant.

Hey Oloni please help. When me and my Fiancé first got together we talked about the future getting married buying a house and having a baby, he said he wanted to have kids with me he already has two children from a previous relationship Who He sees all the time. We have been together three years . When I mention babies now he says he doesn’t want anymore and he’s changed his mind about having more children. I love him so much I cant be without him but I do want children. Im so scared and I dont know what to do 7. December 2018

Hey my love. You have to think about how important children are to you. Naturally many married couples want to have kids. He’s allowed to change his mind, but it’s unfair he never told you on his own. What if you never brought up babies again? You’d have been married to a man who has his own children with no plans of wanting more with you. I would think long and hard before walking down the aisle.


Hey Oloni i asked my bf to give me his phone quickly the other day to see how my latest IG photo quality looked. Pls tell me why i saw that i was muted 14. November 2018

Woah. Ask him why he did it. That’s incredibly weird.


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