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…It’s time to get a new sex toy.


My boyfriend has been poking holes in condoms too get me pregnant !! He is older and I understand he wants kids but this is just so low !!! 30. April 2015

That’s very dangerous and even break up worthy, you can’t do that.

Please don’t use every Opp to sell your book. It’s so annoying when genuinely you could just give a straight answer. Especially if I’ve already planned on getting it. Maybe you should suggest rather than impose 30. April 2015

This is my platform, I can use ANY opportunity to sell whatever i like. Especially if it’s from a question I’ve given a response to on multiple occasions for FREE via blogs & my previous ask site. 🙂

I told my boyfriend I loved him, we have been together since last September but made it “official” couple months ago… His reaction made me feel embarrassed after I told him nd he made me feel like I had to justify myself to him cause he’s not at that level yet. Was it too early for me to tell him how I feel and should I be embarrassed 30. April 2015

If that’s how you felt, then that’s how felt. Don’t feel embarrassed for sharing your emotions with someone you’re with! You probably caught him off guard and i’m sure he didn’t see it coming.

Hi Oloni, I recently posted the question on ur ask fm about my boyfriend breaking up with me coz i “two stepped” with other guys at the club n if that was wrong. one of the guys was his friend, the other an ex friend of mine who had feelings for me in the past. Anyway, we havent spoken since the breakup 4days ago nd i really want to sort it out as i feel it was a pety reason to break up, as he shuld know me better espesh bcoz he was less than 2metres wen this happened. Im also not sure if i should apologise as i feel he should know that it was harmless. Tbh i just feel as though he shouldve been more understanding as he has also had his fair share of wrong doings. What should i do??!! 30. April 2015

You need to speak to him, you need to say everything you’ve exclaimed to me to him. Do so tomorrow. It’s the weekend, hopefully he won’t be busy and you can arrange to meet up and talk about it like civilised adults.


Also you do owe him an apology. Dancing with someone who HAD feelings for you? Gurll come on

I have problems in relaxing when it comes to having sex and I am not sure what I can do about it. What tips can you give on this? 30. April 2015

You need to make sure you trust your partner & that he/she makes you comfortable. Grab 100 Questions there’s some useful tips there.

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