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So I’ve started sleeping with this guy and we are getting to know each other and told me he wants me to himself but I know he’s still talking to other girls. How do I talk to him without coming off too much? 3. May 2015

You say the same thing he said to you.

on my first date with a guy, I asked if he is seeing anyone and he told me his not in a r’ship but his having sex with a girl and the last time was easter 3. May 2015

You asked he told the truth, remember youre not exclusive.

Hi, Do you believe that if you were the cause of a break up even if what you did wasnt that bad/big and you want to get back with your ex, do you think you should fight for that person back or just let them go?? 3. May 2015

It really depends on the circumstances. You can’t fight for someone who doesn’t want to be in your life, but you can fight for someone who you’re still very close to, especially if you think with time the issue/mistake you caused can be resolved/forgiven.

My ex boyfriend broke up with me as he said im too stressful and the rship was also stressing him out and that atm his doing his masters n really needs to concentrate without any extra stress. i understand but i dont know i should stay in contact or not. Since the official break up 2days ago (as we werent talking for a few days prior) we havent spoken. i know he has some deadlines coming so wanted to wish him luck. But my pride kinda says no as he ended things. should i implement the NCR or just wish him luck…? 3. May 2015

You don’t need to wish him good luck you’re not his girlfriend any more. If the no contact rule will help you move on then do it.

I Found out not long ago that the my FWB has had and still got a girlfriend. I honestly didn’t know. He said he don’t have feelings for her bla bla but she seems to think it’s something more.. Anyways but dilemma is do I carry on sleeping with him or should I end it. We’re just FWB so I shouldn’t care if he’s got a girlfriend right and continue? 3. May 2015

I’m sure, you know it’s not right to sleep with someone who’s in a committed relationship despite what they say. That’s just messy there are plenty of other SINGLE guys out there who you can sleep with instead.

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