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…It’s time to get a new sex toy.


Would you say the amount of money a guy spends on you determines whether you’re just a beat or just that money isn’t an object for him? 4. May 2015

Money has nothing to do with it. Men have been paying for sex for crazy decades.

My girlfriend still hangs out with the same circle of friends as her ex, they end up at the same events or locations and this makes me a little paranoid do I tell her I have a problem with it? 4. May 2015

Express it & be honest! But also try to trust her.

Haven’t seen the answer to my question yet so I will re ask just in case hope you don’t mind: I think I’m falling in love with this guy who I’ve been on and off with for years, I told him recently I have feelings still ( not love) and he says he does still but not the same feelings and he doesn’t want a commitment right now. I’m hurt and bruised and I don’t know what to do. 4. May 2015

You have to take his word for it as you can’t force him to feel a single thing. It sounds hard, but in time you will get over it. You just have to give yourself the chance to.

I’m 16 I’m very mature for my age and I’ve starting talking to this 23 year old guy who has a daughter.I really like him and he likes me too ,but I am very sceptical about us seeing each other because of the massive age gap and I don’t want him to use memail from the other guys that I’ve seen in the past. 3. May 2015

I can’t encourage this love. I had a similar question earlier today. You’re way too young to be dating a 23 yo. No matter how mature you may be. I’m sure he knows he’s taking advantage of you.

I have a bestfriend who is male, and we’ve been friends for years ! We used to date when we first met but decided it wouldn’t work because we were at different places in our faith. We occasionally flirt & spent time together but nothing serious ! He had a girlfriend and didn’t tell me about her and were supposed to be close ! Why do you think that is ? 3. May 2015

He was probably playing the field like an unfaithful guy.

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