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…It’s time to get a new sex toy.


Am I clinging by still trying to keep contact with a guy I’m seeing that puts in minimal effort? We like each other n that but I feel like I’m the only one trying to even just be friends.he doesn’t want me to leave but doesn’t seem bothered if I stay. 5. May 2015

He’s not that interested, don’t let him waste your time if his actions show nothing.

I want a guy who says he likes me to keep in contact at least once a week and spend time doing stuff together once in a while and openly care about me am I asking for a lot? 5. May 2015

Of course not & he’s out there.

I just want people out there to know if you stay true, people will stay true to you. Be careful what you speak into existence. Speaking is a form of praying in my eyes. If you believe that someone who seems genuine is not then everything they do you’ll question it n give yourself an answer based on negativity. Everyday this world grows with negativity but be strong enough to grow out of it. 5. May 2015

Thank you for sharing that.

My bf doesn’t like me getting drunk, which I don’t do because I don’t see it’s necessary, but I enjoy going out and having a few drinks with friends socially. He wants to put a drink limit on me when I go out even though I know how to drink responsibly. Is this controlling ? Is there no point of trying to make it work if this is always going to be his idea of the ideal gf and I don’t want to give up that freedom of choice? 5. May 2015

It’s great that he’s looking out for you, but unless you’ve signed up to AA meetings, you don’t need someone policing your alcohol intake, especially if you’ve never given him a reason to. I’m sure he just wants you to drink responsibly that’s clear, but telling you how much you can drink is a little bit controlling.

Discuss it with him and find out what the real issue is.

I just lost my virginity a few days ago now. Apparently it enhances your feelings for that person? Is it true and if so what else do you feel like after losing it, right now I feel kinda sad but then I want it again 5. May 2015

Sex in general can enhance your feelings with who ever you’re sleeping with. I guess because it’s your first time for others feelings can be even more stronger. It really does depend.

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