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…It’s time to get a new sex toy.


Duno if you got my question. I messed up with my girlfriend and I wasn’t there for her when she needed me. Now were at the point where she resents me for it. I’m not good at admitting in wrong when I do and it’s only now I’ve realised how I Made her feel. What can I do to prove I love her and won’t let her down again? Wana feel close to her again 7. May 2015

Just answered 🙂

Me and my girl haven’t been on good terms in a while init. I kind of fucked up and got her to the point of wanting to leave me. But not long after she said she still wants to be with me but I should sort myself out because I can’t be hurting her like that again. I’m really bad at admitting I’m wrong and I switch off when she shouts at me so it’s like I don’t care when I do. How can I make her happy again because before this point she was the happiest girl in the world. I wana be the reason for that again init. What would you suggest apart from just telling her 7. May 2015

You have to exercise your words into actions, you have to figure out a way to communicate without any shouting involved once things go badly the two of you.

I have a problem with staying interested in a guy, I get bored really easily is there something wrong with me? I’ll be talking to a guy and I’ll get bored of him within a couple days or weeks and I’ll just cut off contact. I want to start dating but how can I find someone I’m genuinely interested in? 7. May 2015

You continue dating and dating and dating and dating, until you meet someone who you;re not bored of. Remember to also keep things interesting on your half too. It’s no good dating if you’re not actually giving your all and hardly putting in any effort.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 1 year now. We rearly see each other lately. The last last few times that we have met up it had always been me who brought up the fact that I missed him and wanted to see him. The last time we saw each other was last month. I have been patient towards him due to the fact that he’s a student and is constantly broke. But now I’m starting to think is it really the university and no money situation that’s causing this or is it the fact that he feels like he can’t afford to come see me. 7. May 2015

This is something you have to bring to his attention, it could be either. No woman wants to feel like she has to bug her man and ask when they’ll see each other next and no man wants to admit that he can’t afford to do certain things. Talk about it!

Hey oloni. I’ve been very unfortunate in my love life. I’ve never had a boyfriend and every single guy I’ve spoken to kinda just took me for granted and it never developed into anything great. I was seeing a guy for 5 months and on the 6 months month he asked me out, I lost my virginity to him and a few weeks later he broke up with me. That’s as close as I have gotten to a relationship I suppose. I’m a beautiful girl and I know my worth and I’m tired of putting in all the effort and pain and sweat into a guy that ain’t even doing the same for me. It’s tough esp when I see all my friends developing something beautiful with their mans or boyfriends and there’s me here single and with a new guy nearly every 2/3 months. It’s not a good look and I can’t help it either I don’t like being alone. And most times I don’t even go fetching for them. They come to me and then they fuck me over too. It’s just difficult. People say that my time will come and that I am still young. I get that but… Perhaps I’m just doing something wrong 7. May 2015

The truth is that you have to carry on putting yourself out there and not give up. You have to also continue working on yourself to make sure you’re as great as can be for the right Mr who comes along. I do coach women on how to put themselves out there but I’d also suggest you get a copy of 100 Questions

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