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Hey Hun. I’ve been dating this guy for just over a month. Everything has been very good as we both chose to let it be n open minded to a relationship. Anyway recently I’ve been acting abit weird like over the top cos he told me he was going away with the boys. Anyway last night he said he needed to talk to me about us. He basically said that he starting to feel pressured, like I’m pressuring him too soon. He said it isn’t about us not dating other people but just said its all getting too much and the way I’m behaving he doesn’t want to let me down. How do I get back to square one with this guy. I really like him and what we have/had. Ps he said its up to me what the decision is but he isn’t ready to be in a relationship right now because of the way I’ve been recently acting. Help girl x 11. May 2015

Take the high road dear, the whole point of dating is to get to know someone. You dated and he realised what he knows, isn’t what he wants He has already added that he does not want a relationship either so let this ship sail.

My boyfriend has asked me to initiate sex, but I’m scared of looking like an idiot. He understands my fear and doesn’t push me on it but I know it’s something he’d really like. He’s spoken about his fantasies about a woman in control and I’m just not living up to it right now. You got any advise on how to get over my fear? or any tips for initiating that won’t make me feel embarrassed? 11. May 2015

You just sound really nervous and that’s fine! There are different levels of how a woman can take control sexually. I do think if you start off slowly you can work your way up to fulfilling his fantasy. Start off my initiating the kisses, the fondling, verbally telling him what to do in bed too. The more it’s done, the more confident you’ll become.

I actually think I’m a girlfriend fluffer. Every time I see a guy he’s never ready to be in a relationship with me and I still stupidly give him my all while he fucks me over. But then give it a month and then all of a sudden he’s in a serious happy relationship and then would never look at me again. It’s so sad and tiring. How can I break out of that pattern ? 10. May 2015

That must be extremely annoying! I do answer this in my latest eBook: 100 Questions

Is cheeky chats off limits now I’m in a relationship 10. May 2015


I’m a Virgin but I know a LOT about sex, I’ve never given or received fellatio, the most I’ve done is kiss a guy and hand on heart I’m being totally honest but people assume I’ve done everything. Is this bad? How should I feel? 10. May 2015

You don’t do anything. That’s their ignorance not yours, a virgin can do her research.

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