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…It’s time to get a new sex toy.


Hey hun so I’m seeing this guy and I need to break all ties with him because it’s toxic but the sex is so good, so it’s hard to leave. What do I do? 13. May 2015

Hey dear, I answer this in 100 Questions

My ex boyfriend always made me feel like I was wrong for wanting him to take me on dates and be romantic. I feel like spending time together out of the house is crucial to make a relationship work, while he thought i was dumb and pathetic for thinking in this way. My question is which one of us is right? 13. May 2015

The relationship is wrong. You both want different things.

If you’ve taken back your partner after they have cheated on you but still can’t get the images of them having sex with someone else what should you do I need help!!! 13. May 2015

You leave.

this is to the lady who has a boyfriend of 7 years and wants to tell her boyfriend about past serial abuse… I was also ssexually abuse and I told my boyfriend too, didn’t end well due to his anger, I told him in December, and till this day it causes arguments…I don’t want to put you off because obviously not all guys are the same . your boyfriend maybe very comforting and understanding, whereas mine comforts himself through anger. so if you tell him, please be very careful as to how you approach the topic, because it will not only be sensitive to you, it’ll definitely be sensitive to him also. 13. May 2015

Thanks for sharing

Hi my girlfriend and I have been going out for nearly two years now. However she admitted while we were going out (like last year) she still had feelings for her ex. I’m having trouble accepting this, I feel like this whole relationship has been a false, what do you suggest? 13. May 2015

I think you should tell her how this has made you feel. Discuss it and hopefully you can move past it.

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