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“It’s happening and I’m nervous as HELL.

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My predicament is long but I’ll cut it short. In love with a stubborn girl who’s not interested (she might be) while there’s girls who keep sending me stuff (messages, pics) but I’ve ignored them, even tho I’m horny as f^$k, because I feel it’s right. I really need some rough passionate sex in my life right now but more importantly I need a companion/partner. Any advice? 4. May 2015

The only advice I can offer is that if you want a partner, you’re going to have to find wats to meet new women!

me and my gf were going good and we love each other etc but recently I feel like I need some time off, or a break but I dont want to say it to her cos I might hurt her feelings. any advice? 4. May 2015

You talk to her about whats making you feel this way, relationships don’t include breaks. So speak & open up about whats really bothering you.

Hi Oloni, I’m in need of advise the guy I’m seeing has asked me to stop chilling with this guy I used to chill with, he’s older but we just chill and drink, I’ve reassured him there’s nothing to worry about and promised I will stop chilling with him, however I enjoy his company and find myself lying to the guy I’m seeing whenever we hang out. How can I get the guy I’m seeing to understand and change his views on this matter 4. May 2015

He can’t ask you for anything if you’re not his partner.

Would you say the amount of money a guy spends on you determines whether you’re just a beat or just that money isn’t an object for him? 4. May 2015

Money has nothing to do with it. Men have been paying for sex for crazy decades.

My girlfriend still hangs out with the same circle of friends as her ex, they end up at the same events or locations and this makes me a little paranoid do I tell her I have a problem with it? 4. May 2015

Express it & be honest! But also try to trust her.

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