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so it’s been 6 months that i have been talking to this guy. i really do like him. tbh he isn’t the problem, i am. he tells me that i can’t communicate, my replied are rubbish and that im always moody. i understand that, i really do. I’ve tried to change it but it’s not working out. the reason so be it is because i don’t feel comfortable as i use to when I’m talking to someone. my guard is so up that when he tells me he misses me, i just saw thank you, not I miss you back. all I’m asking from you Oloni is how I could get comfortable with him because I am really trying and it’s not working out. 26. May 2015

Hey! You have to find a way to let your guard down if YOU want this to work. It won’t happen immediately, but you have to speak to him and give him an insight into what is making you behave this way. Doing this will allow him to be more understanding .. It’s also progress.

How much would tickets be for your soirée, just so I’m prepared for Friday 24. May 2015

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Hi Oloni, I’ve got a issue where my partner has really traditional views on issues whilst I have a more liberal view to things. E.g he believes as a woman I should be responsible for the cooking and cleaning etc whereas I think we both should. Help please 23. May 2015

This is where the word ‘compromise’ has to come into play. You both, need to sit down and talk about your expectations properly or this relationship won’t work. Communicate and  come to some sort of agreement, that will befit you both.

I See My BF Every 2-3week But Just once in them weeks I wait and I’ve told him about it but it’s still the same what should I do 23. May 2015

You either tell him again and find a way to make it work or leave if it the situation doesn’t make you happy.

Encouraging girls to have as much sex as they want?? Are you sure you’re preaching in the right sector. Stick to interviewing x 23. May 2015

Welp. No, I’m encouraging WOMEN to embrace their sexuality and not to live in fear because of what others think/say. Do you know how many women I speak to each day who are afraid of enjoying their sexuality because they’re afraid of being slut-shamed? I can’t imagine you do. So before you take a tweet and try and poke all types of holes into it, I suggest you take your unwarranted advice elsewhere & let me stick to interviewing, writing blogs/books/mags, hosting events appearing at events (oh & that one time I was on TV.)


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