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Hey oloni, I love what you’re doing!. I just wanted to ask, how do I get over my ex? I thought I was over him till I found out he had a new girlfriend, it really upset me because when we were seeing each other I never got the full girlfriend title even tho I got introduced to his family and when with me he also said he couldn’t do the long distance but his new gf is also distant as their unis ain’t as close to each other? Am I being selfish because I feel like this? I mean he seems really happy now I’m just sad I couldn’t be the one. I feel like he’s the real reason I haven’t been able to start something new with anyone else 17. May 2015

Hey love! If you get a copy of 100 Questions all the answers you need are there:

I was seeing someone and had sex with them but they went to prison a week later. He’s now been in prison for nearly a year and always asks me to send him explicit photos of myself. I have visited him a few times but can’t help thinking that he is just keeping me sweet whilst he’s on the inside so he has female attention. Do I wait until he comes out and stay faithful to him (he comes out in 6 months) or am I being deluded in thinking that he means all these things and that we will be in a relationship together once he comes out? Thanks Oloni 15. May 2015

If you were seeing each other, you don’t have to be faithful to anybody. You’re not even married! Be smart about it, yes you can carry on paying him visits but don’t get too wrapped up, by giving your all to someone who can’t/hasn’t given their all back.

Hey Oloni, I need some advice. I recently ended things with an ex who was so mean to me. However, I can’t stop craving the sex. Trust me, I have all types of toys to keep me going but my ex was the best I ever had, and he knew EVERYTHING I liked. lol How can I get over it? I’m hooked. I don’t want to call him up, I know that I need to move on but I’m horny. lol In all seriousness, I am worried that this may lead me back to him. Would you recommend me trying a buddy? 15. May 2015

If you can handle having a sex buddy and not get emotionally attached then try it. I would also say stick to toys or invest in some new ones, yes there’s always going to be that guy who knows how to hit the spot… but lets be real no one knows OUR bodies better than WE do.

I’m 25 I’m having trouble maintaining an erection. My gf thinks I don’t fancy her and has accused of being gay. I find her attracted and I do get erections when I’m alone and when I shower/bathe. I don’t know what’s wrong 🙁 15. May 2015

See a doctor it could be a number of things, but do understand this happens to a LOT of males.

Hi, I’m 19 and I got married in December. There is a big age gap between me and my husband, he’s 29. His family are super involved in our relationship and are encouraging him to start a family with me. We agreed before our wedding that we would hold of even considering kids until I graduated next year. Now, because of the pressure from his family, he’s trying to convince me to come off birth control and take a gap year. He’s making me feel bad and I feel trapped in a corner because I moved into the city his family live and mine are so far away. What should I do? 15. May 2015

If it’s not want you want, then you don’t have to submit to that choice. He should be more understanding as you are still quite young. I think you need to address this as it isn’t fair to feel such pressure. Also try and reach out to your family and let them know how you’re feeling. And stay on birth control!

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