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Relating back to the girl in an interracial relationship oloni, I am also in one and my boyfriends Ghanaian. Whenever we go over to his parents house for dinner his mum makes digs at me saying stuff like “oh see if she was Ghanaian she would’ve known…” Or just personal things like Turkish girls can’t do this or that like a black girl and so on whilst I’m sitting right next to her. Recently I over heard her telling him “she won’t be able to satisfy you like a black girl can, this won’t any last longer etc” and it really got to me I guess. obviously I respect her regardless as she’s his mother but what’s frustrating me is that my boyfriend just sits there and says nothing. I brought this issue up to him recently and we got into a major argument where he told me that maybe his mum is right and that it would probably be better if he just dated a black girl. Ive always been willing to embrace different cultures and have been appreciative of it. We’ve been together for almost 3 and a half years!!!! And I really don’t want it to end now, I feel so confused oloni idk what to do 15. May 2015

No sort of argument should ever cause your boyfriend to make such a messy statement. Yes that’s his mother and she held him for 9 months, but you’re also someone else’s child.

Instead of fighting each other speak to him and let him know how hard it is for you to handle. You shouldn’t have ton tolerate such comments.

Hello Dami, just wanted to ask a general question. Would you say that a lack of communication is the biggest cause for break-ups? Thank you x 15. May 2015

Communication amongst other things such as not being compatible, out growing each other and infidelity.

Hey, I was talking to a guy on and off for three years and now we are in a 7month relationship. I love spending on my partner and buying him nice things, however i NEVER get anything in return, not even a dinner date? are my expectations too high, should i not give so much, or??? 14. May 2015

Discuss this with him if you feel this way, he won’t know how you want to be treated if you don’t say so.

So like my gf of 8yrs is constantly accusing me of cheating on her and keeping secret just because I won’t let her touch my phone. I show her my texts and pictures I have on it. The reason I don’t let her touch my phone is because she’s clumsy and phones aren’t cheap nowadays. How can I convince her I’m not cheating. With this constant accusations going on I feel like proving her right and getting rid of her. Help! 13. May 2015

You shouldn’t feel like you constantly have to prove yourself, if you’ve given no reason for her to question your loyalty. 8 years is a long time, but speak to her and let it be known you’re reaching your breaking point. It’s your phone period.

My boyfriend doesn’t kiss me. Like when we first see each other or when he leaves nothing even when we chill nothing. And now I feel like I’m gonna take it upon myself and just kiss him. But saying this it leads to another problem I have, why do I feel like I have too build up courage too kiss him, he is my boyfriend even with other things I have too remind he’s my boyf for example calling him, is this normal that I have too always remind myself ( I think it’s because I’ve been single for a long time) 13. May 2015

Talk to him about it & come back letting me know what he has said.

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