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Hi, I’m 19 and I got married in December. There is a big age gap between me and my husband, he’s 29. His family are super involved in our relationship and are encouraging him to start a family with me. We agreed before our wedding that we would hold of even considering kids until I graduated next year. Now, because of the pressure from his family, he’s trying to convince me to come off birth control and take a gap year. He’s making me feel bad and I feel trapped in a corner because I moved into the city his family live and mine are so far away. What should I do? 15. May 2015

If it’s not want you want, then you don’t have to submit to that choice. He should be more understanding as you are still quite young. I think you need to address this as it isn’t fair to feel such pressure. Also try and reach out to your family and let them know how you’re feeling. And stay on birth control!

Do guys care about the colour of your lady parts, I’m black and I feel like it’s so dark especially when everywhere I look they’re the same colour as the rest of the body and i generally don’t think it’s pretty :/// 15. May 2015

Everyone’s lady bits look different and if you have more questions see a gynaecologist.

My ex broke my heart, I tried for months to get back together and we nearly did a few times. When it was finally over I went through this man whore stage and made a conscious decision not to fall for anyone as I didn’t want to get hurt like that again (she cheated on me). So I’m doing my business and start to like this girl but the guard was still very much up. She fucked me over, wasn’t apologetic at all but I learnt my lesson from last time and cut her off completely. iMessage, Whatsapp, Twitter, FB, IG, Snap, you name it, I blocked her. Now there’s a girl I fancied for a while but we never really got talking until recently. She’s a very “difficult” to crack girl at uni. Beautiful person inside and out and doesn’t free up the goods like some girls do. We’ve missed twice and message a lot, whenever I see her I can’t help but smile and feel a bit fuzzy inside, I love making her laugh and she genuinely makes me want to “retire from the baby boy lifestyle”. Problem is that she leaves for a family holiday in 2 weeks for a month then is back home until uni in October. I know I’d want to see her when she’s back in the UK but how do I handle not seeing her for ages? If we keep talking do I go and see her at some point? 15. May 2015

If you like her as much as you say and are willing to do long distance I say go for it! Going to see her would be ideal especially if this is someone you really want. I also think that before she leaves, you should really let her know how you feel so you can both agree on how you’d like the relationship to go. Good luck x

Oloni how do you remain so diplomatic on social media? I’m so proud of you you are really strengthening your brand and coming off super classy! I brought your book and I know I will never go back to my toxic relationship. You are the personification of humble x love you gurl 15. May 2015

I have no idea. I think it’s because I’ve watched those I look up to! Thank you so much your words are appreciated.

I told my ex I still had feelings for her, but she has none for me but is glad I got back in touch and is happy to be friends.. Prior to this I haven’t spoke to her properly in years when I did it’d be her starting small convos or sending me direct snaps.. Im confused so Ive cut ties too rash? She says she’ll never consider me again but was happy to meet me for a drink and out with her friends when she knew I was out the same night… Should I carry on and cut ties? Or give her awhile to catch up and be friends? Tbh I was shocked I still felt that way and I kind of alienated her. I feel bad. She told me I ruined it?? :\ 15. May 2015

Do what you feel comfortable if you can handle friendship after a while, give it  a go.

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