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Not sure if you can love two people but let’s say you have very strong feelings for two people how do you go about a situation like this 30. April 2015

You weigh out your options. See who you have a better future with.

Giver, but not receiving enough…me and my partner (10 months in) are sexual, but when it comes to oral he doesn’t, once I asked for it and he said I shouldn’t ask (confused). I’ve only received once this year is that normal? 30. April 2015

That isn’t normal, that’s very selfish. If he holds out, do the same.

I used to be involved with my bestfriend before my current boyfriend. My bestfriend is still very involved in my life but just as a bestfriend now. I wanna tell my boyfriend but he’s the jealous type. Do I keep it under the mat or tell him ? 29. April 2015

Tell him, but also remind him it was in the past. He can;t fault you for someone you were with before you knew of his existence.

Ive been talking to this guy for a while now since December. Recently hes been kinda distant. We dont talk as much on the phone or link up as much as we did. Hes saying hes caught up w/ uni work cos he’s in 3rd year. But tbh his workload was there when we were first talking and he still made time for me. Do you think he’s losing interest? 29. April 2015

Yes he has and that’s fine. It was great whilst it lasted, and you’ll find better.

I always feel like I need to wet myself during sex so I always stop! My bf says it’s normal and I should just let it go is that right? 29. April 2015

Hey love, there’s a section in my book about this. Grab a copy here:

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