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My ex has recently come back into my life. He generally is a great person and the relationship broke down due to a lack of communication. We been apart for a long time and he is now in a relationship. The only problem is that he talks to me like we are still together. I’ve continuously mentioned his girlfriend and told him to behave. I’m not sure whether I should stop talking to him as I haven’t fully moved on – which he is aware of – or should I continue to talk to him as I’m not doing anything wrong. 11. May 2015

Stop talking to him. He’s obviously not as great as you mentioned because he’s being quite disrespectful towards his own relationship.

Hey oloni, I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 months and I’ve known him for 4 years we were friend before dating and it took us a while to get together. So the problem is that I don’t feel like I could live up to the success of my partner he’s already got two degrees at the age of 20 and I feel useless in comparison to him since I’m not going uni until later in life because of what I want to do. I’ve spoken to him about how I feel and he understands it but I still feel low about not living up to what he’s achieved and its putting a strain on our relationship 11. May 2015

You shouldn’t feel low about yourself. You should feel INSPIRED and motivated. Your journeys in life will not be the same. What do you want to do with yourself? You can be successful in plenty of other ways with or without two degrees. You’re both still very young, so take it easy and just work hard, you’ll be fine.

how do you become a simply oloni author? 11. May 2015

email itsoloni@gmail.com

Hey Oloni. I have been single for two years now and although I have learnt a lot about myself and enjoyed that time alone I am now bored and wanting to be in a loving relationship again. I fear this feeling will cause me to accidentally rush into a new relationship. Apart from that I am a shy person and don’t know how to meet new people. I have purchased all your books and they are great. A little help please x 11. May 2015

Thanks for getting a copy! Read it again, there are A LOT of similar questions there. The best way to start dating is to go out more, and not clubs but social gatherings where you can network and mix with the opposite sex. I do have an event for singles coming up in July so hopefully you can attend that.

This is a past situation but I was I in a relationship with this girl for about 4 months, she was a virgin so I didn’t want to rush her, when she finally said she was ready she kept on making stupid excuses and say she doesn’t want to anymore ( excuses like you didn’t tell me good morning) so I broke up with her just want to know if you feell i did the wrong thing 11. May 2015

She was having second thoughts and wasn’t really ready. You did the right thing by not pressuring her.

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