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…It’s time to get a new sex toy.


Yo Male ally here just wanted to- lmaoo nah I’m joking on a real I seen your @ to ITV. I hope thats one day a reality!! IJN we need something to shake the tables on TV and if you really are going to be on Love island I see that as the first step! Goodluck and thank you for the great content that’s allowed me to be a better man in bed loool 16. May 2019

Lol thank you x

Hey Oloni, would be really grateful for your opinion. I’ve been sleeping with this guy for 4 months and we get along really well. He’s been super nice to me and taken me on the odd date. A few days ago he randomly had this big chat with me saying he would love to wife me but he wants a summer of freedom. He came out of a 5 year relationship last year so I get that he wants to mess around. I’m also not in a rush for a relationship, but if he really likes me and I really like him, should I allow him to mess around this summer and wait for him? 16. May 2019

You better keep dating other people, because he doesn’t seem too serious about you.


I’ve been having occasional 3somes with 2 of my guy friends. I started doing it because I always fantasized about doing it. Does that make me a hoe? 16. May 2019

Not at all. It means you’re living your best life.


Hey Oloni, recently started speaking to a guy who I know just got out of a long term relationship, how do I know if I’m just a rebound or if this could actually be something!! Are there signs to look out for? Thanks! 16. May 2019

Every person is different but if he’s rushing things between the two of you, I’d say beware. Make sure he’s an option and take it slow, so you don’t hurt yourself.


Hi Oloni, Hope you are well! Okay so I know your all clued up on smear tests on what not. I recently had mine and it came back that I have HPV but no abnormal cells, so I just have to go back for another smear in one year. My question is, do you think this is something that I should be discussing with my partner? Is it that serious? I’ve read up on it and all the info is a bit scary tbh. Thanks in advance girl X 15. May 2019

Heya, yeah I think any conversations around health should be ones to have with your partner.



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