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Hi Oloni, i’m 21 years old of age and recently found myself speaking to a 28 year old Male. The age difference doesn’t bother me too tough. I’m from Germany & he’s from LA. Only thing is he has a 1 year old daughter. He has a baby Mum but he said he only got with her to get his papers and he’s currently waiting for his divorce to clear. Whenever I speak/FaceTime him he makes me feel so good and I’ve never been treated like the way he treats me. As much as I enjoy this little thing we got going on, am I being realistic? He’s got a great strong career and we’re both in the same field. We started out as friends but we’ve both grown a liking towards each other during the past month. Do I just switch my feelings off? So far I get a sense of certainty and sincerity from him but hey! What should I do. He’s coming to Germany in 1 week!!! 11. November 2017

Is it realistic? In my honest opinion, no. Could you become good friends, yes, sure. When it comes to men with new kids there’s always a huge chance they’ll get back with the mother of their child. He got with her to get his papers, but impregnated her.. ummm? You also live very far from each other. People who live in the same place can barely make situations like this work, let alone LDR’s.

I could be completely wrong so see how it goes when he visits.


How would you recommend someone get back with their ex if they broke up on great terms 11. November 2017

First think about whether it’s really a good idea or not. Why did you break up? Has it been resolved?

Try reaching out and asking to meet up in a public, but in a quiet space suitable to talk. Share how you feel and ask where their mind is at. You never know they might be happy you decided to make the first move to try to get back together.


Hey Oloni. A bit of context for my question. I was feeling this girl, me and her fooled around and that, so after a few months I asked her what’s up? Like where is this going(I was tryna cuff her)? She said she a whole heap of stuff that summary of which is I like you but as a friend. I said cool it’s probably best that we stop fooling around then and we did. But she still wanted all the other couple-ish things to continue, like the phone calls everyday. I wasn’t on that so I skipped out. Now she’s angry with me saying that I only ghosted on her when I couldn’t get what I wanted from her and that I did not consider what she wants. So my question is, is it rude to skip out and ghost on a girl if she ain’t the same wave you’re on? 11. November 2017

If you’ve explained what you’re looking for, then you can “ghost”, especially if she’s still forcing for something, she said she didn’t want.


Hi oloni. I have been in a situationship for four months and this this guy just said he loves me. The thing is I find it hard to believe cause I don’t really feel special around him, when I have issues I find it hard to talk to him his more of a if you have a problem fix it n don’t complaint kind of person. He sometimes ignore my messages cause his “busy”. The thing is I really really like him but I need him to be more romantic I want to feel needed. I have completed to him but nothing has change. Please what do I do, I don’t want to just let him go. 11. November 2017

Hey hun, if he’s not giving you what you need, why are you even interested in this person? Why not spend time looking for someone who ticks the boxes you need most?


Hi Oloni. Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and he currently started talking to a girl from uni for the past few days. I wouldnt mind it at all but he acts so shady about it and tries to hide his conversation with her because of past situations in which some girls tried to move to him and it pissed me off so hes trying to hide it so i dont get vex. I just see them talking all day everyday and its annoying me how all his attention is on her now and what made it worse was that i saw one of the comments he made about her appearance. Like he was really overdoing it calling her a goddess and saying how good she looked etc. Which made me feel uncomfortable ngl cause why is he complimenting some random girl he just became friends with like that. What should i do? All i keep thinking is that comment he made about her and how much time they spend talking to each other. Should i be worried? 10. November 2017

You should be very worried. He’s keeping his options open. I’d dump this guy if I were you, it’s embarrassing.


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