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…It’s time to get a new sex toy.


Hi oloni, just want to ask if you should be telling guys your real body count or you should lie? 14. November 2018



My ex is a good person, let there be no question about that. But our entire relationship he kept talking about how he didn’t want a relationship. Okay so we broke up. We’ve been together 3 years, so imagine 3 years of fighting to be with someone who sees your relationship as a cage. I had to let go. 3 years is a long time to just throw away all our history so we’ve decided to be friends. My question is, now he does shit like ask me to buy him stuff and he’ll pay back(and he doesn’t), he’ll ask me out and say let’s split the bill, stuff like that. When we dated, we used to take each other out, but he knows that he’s the only male in my life I’ve ever spent money on. And I did that because he was my man,but he isn’t now, so he deserves the same treatment all the other men get-YOU foot the bill or don’t waste my time. How do I tell him this? I don’t like to come across as aggressive when it comes to money but if he isn’t my man, I shouldn’t be spending anything on him. It’s really irritating me because I know he’s been going on dates since we broke up and he pays for those. 14. November 2018

I want to shake you. You’re having man issues with a guy who’s not your man and when he was your man he refused to give it a title. It’s not friendship you want, but you clearly love having him in your life. I know that and he knows that, hence why he’s taking advantage of you. I think it’s time you both give each other space. How are you meant to meet new guys if you’re writing to me about your kind-of ex?


I have just been watching the bbc news and found myself agreeing with your every word. I’m 60 but couldn’t believe how old fashioned the other ladies opinions were.please keep up you good work .girls women need you . 14. November 2018

haha thank you x

hi oloni me and the mother of my child have just broken up, it was a bad break up but i love her still. she seems to be moving on , are child is not that old and i really wanted us to be one happy family but like i said she seems to be moving on buying lingerie for other link what should i do? i do really love her but is it over? 14. November 2018

Speak to her and ask her. If she’s buying lingerie to wear for someone else that’s pretty much a huge indicator however. I’m sure there’s much more to this story, but it might be best to speak to her to get some closure as she is the mother of your child. Once you do, give her space.


I’m kinda feeling this girl but she keeps on saying for me to secure her properly I have to be a nASSty nxxga and bocat her??? -____- surely this can’t be the only way to secure her?????? 14. November 2018

Get to licking or get to stepping.


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