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I have an issue with my boyfriends dishonesty about the smallest things such as where he has been and who he is with, he’ll tell me one thing , then I’ll catch him in a lie and he FLIPS out , becomes verbally abusive and tells me that I’m always being negative or looking for problems when I bring up how he’s lying. I try to explain that I want clarity on why he would need to be dishonest about something so minor. It gets me paranoid because my kind goes crazy wondering why he has lied and then I become upset because it leads to big arguments where he is VERY rude, calls me pathetic, stupid, mad etc and even hangs up the phone on me. He never lets me get a word in anywhere, it’s just him shouting at me like he’s my father and instructing me to listen. I love him a lot but it’s becoming stressful arguing every few days over minor issues and I’m not sure how to get through to someone who simply doesn’t listen. How would you advise I communicate with him or how could we work on our communication together? Because “leave him sis” is not something I want to consider as I know that this is my future partner. – Anonymous

I have no idea why you bothered to write in when you finished your dilemma, with what you know you should be doing. How can your future be someone who is manipulating you? This is called gaslighting and should be the furthest thing you want from someone in a serious relationship.

He lies, drives you crazy, speaks down on you and doesn’t sound like he truly cares about you. Listen, you deserve WAY more. There is so much better out there, I swear to you. The longer you stay with chains around your ankles in this relationship, the harder it will become to walk away. Why do that to yourself?

Relationships are supposed to be about two people coming together to bring out the best in each other. Not this.

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To get straight into it, my man refuses to go down on me, regardless of the fact I had never gave head before him and expressed it’s not something I wanted to do and YET now give him head for his pleasure because I care about pleasing him. It insults me that he can’t care about my needs to do the same as generally I get a lot more pleasure out of oral sex. It’s not a case where I’ve asked him and he has said no, but he has made jokes about how I won’t “ever be getting my pussy ate ever again” because I’m his now, obviously indicating he wouldn’t ever do it. I’m a shy person so I don’t feel comfortable just blurting out can you eat me out. But I am serious about him and I can’t lie it is an issue to me, especially as in all previous relationship I have received oral I am not used to it and he is making me feel undesirable and as though he doesn’t think I’m a beautiful creation which he bloody well should. I’ve no idea what I expect you to say but you seem to have a magical response to everything. Thanks. – Anonymous

Hey hun! Ahhh it’s so annoying when a guy doesn’t know what your body enjoys between the sheets. That comment he made though, ‘you won’t ever be getting your pussy ate again’ – So he’s basically aware that other men were giving you the full work while he’s doing the bare minimum lol?

Right, the answer to this is communication. I understand you’re shy, but shyness doesn’t mean your needs get to be ignored. Although you can’t force him to do what he may not feel comfortable with, someone you’re sleeping with regularly should know what your vagina enjoys most. You need to have more conversations about sex, so he knows it’s important to you too.

Good luck


I found out that my boyfriend took another girl out to dinner and posted it on his snapchat (he blocked me on my account so i used a fake account to add him and saw his story). I feel like it’s a clear sign that he’s cheated but i don’t want to accuse without solid evidence… How would you suggest i approach this “talk” with my man. Also i should note that he has never posted me on his social media. – Anonymous

Umm the fact he blocked you and went out to dinner is hard evidence. These are clearly not signs from a faithful person, so confront him and let his behind go. He posted another woman BUT YOU haven’t even seen the back camera of his phone…listen.














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