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Hey girl, please how do you protect yourself from a partner that has herpes. I’ve chosen to stay with him. Thanks sis – Anonymous

Heya, I think it’d be a great idea if you both made a visit to a sexual health clinic for more professional advice. However, I would say it’d be wise to ALWAYS use protection during any sort of intimacy, so this goes for sex that involves vaginal peneteration/anal sex as well as, oral sex. You’re also NEVER  to have sex during his break out (even with a condom), so it’s important he informs you about this.  You can read more about herpes here:



Hi oloni, so me and my boyfriend were overweight when we met and have been so for the 2 years we have been going out. He had to move a way for 6 months for work and he has made a huge change. He’s lost 100lbs in that time and he didn’t tell me(lol to surprise me). I’m so happy for him and he’s never looked better. Since he’s been back though he gets so much attention from women that he never use to get. It’s left me feeling paranoid and scared he’s going to leave me. We don’t even have sex much and I’m guessing it’s because of my size. I have gotten bigger in that time so I’m guessing he finds me less attractive. I see so many women putting heart eyes on his pictures it’s driving me crazy. My Cooking was the way to his heart but he no longer e[/et_bloom_locked]ats my food so I don’t even know what to do. I’m trying to lose weight but other than that is there anything I can do to spark more interest in me from him? – Anonymous

Hey hun! Thanks for writing in, from what you’ve shared, it seems as though, you’re insecure, and it’s completely normal for you to feel the way you do. However, I’m sure there’s more to you than your physical appearances. There’s a reason he’s been with you for two years and there’s a reason he’s STILL with you today. That’s something you need to realise. Why not ask him for help and use his success as motivation? Tell him how you’ve also been feeling, I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

And please also work on your confidence before anything else.

My bf ripped my fairly new peruvian middle part closure during sex last night and he’s refusing to pay the amount for a brand new one. He was pulling on my hair too hard and I warned him, afterwards I saw that it had ripped and got annoyed with him. I told him to give me £90 for a new one and even showed him the price and he’s saying it’s overpriced and ridiculous. I asked him what I should do and he said I should wear cheaper hair. He left because I was in a mood and he asked if I was over it today but I’m actually not and want the money to buy a new closure which he has adamantly refused to provide. Should I break up with him? – Anonymous

This isn’t a reason for you to break up, he also just doesn’t have £90 to cough up. It’s irritating that you warned him and he never listened, so instead make that the topic and express how you felt when he ignored your request. That is the issue.


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