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In a world where so many try to fit in and adhere to the newest and popular trends given to use by the media, self-expression has become lost somehow. To me, fashion is all about self-expression. Without it we might as well all be wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and flip-flops. But for those that down right curve the trends and do your own thing then you would have been right at home this past weekend during Afropunk.


(source: nytimes)

For those that don’t know, Afropunk is an annual music festival, most recently held in Brooklyn, New York City, showcasing performances primarily known to reflect African-American culture and a variety of genres. Music festivals like this one always have an endless supply of fashion self-expressionism but unlike most, the fashion sense here was out of this world, literally.

When Ruth La Ferla stopped Germaul Barnes, 44, to ask him about the links on his arms he stated that they were simply scraps of metal he re-purposed.”Everything is recycled, re-loved”. Filled with combinations of eccentric colors, hand-made pieces, and Afrocentric flavor, Afropunk was and will always be a mecca for self-expression. It is undoubtedly one of the best festivals, fashion and music wise, you will ever attend in your life.

If you’re not convinced check out some of these fashionable individuals that made a statement with their unique and amazing fashion sense.









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