A-level Results Day – The University Of Freshers

Congratulations to everyone who got a spot at university. Even if you never got the grades you wanted, well done for getting this far. A-levels or BTEC you’re ready for that next step. Freedom.

I graduated last year and I wish I could relive the whole experience. University had it’s serious ups and downs, but here at Simply Oloni I’m going to use my experience to help guide you about the do’s and the dont’s.

Social Life

The people you speak to in your first week of university are going to be the people you walk right past in your last. If you’re nicer than me, you might actually smile.

Your social life at university should be one of your highlights especially freshers weeks. Join all types of societies, from cultural to sports. Be as active as possible and try to meet and mix with new people.

No matter what institute you’re attending there will be a bigger mix of students from different backgrounds, in comparison to your old sixth form or college. Take advantage of that. My sister and I both went to predominantly black secondary schools but went on to go to two absolutely different universities. I went off to study journalism in Bedfordshire. She went on to study medicine at Imperial College. From what I’ve noticed her social experience beat mine, due to all the societies she joined. I’m not talking about the average African and Caribbean society either.

This lead her to go on university tours outside of the country, such as her Netball tour. (I think that’s what it’s called. If not I’ll come back and edit later)

Enjoy those parties, but do not become that annoying drunk who can’t get into the clubs, but at the same time don’t be that boring b*tch who refuses to drink during pres. (Unless you don’t dri.. nope all freshers usually drink).



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Oh yes, the reason you’re actually here. Contrary to popular belief, your first year of uni IS important. People have their own theories as to why it isn’t for some really odd reason.

‘You only need 40% to pass’

‘Your first year doesn’t even count for your degree

If your first year was not important or a waste of time, it wouldn’t be included within your three years. You’d simply do TWO. But seeing as it’s not like that, there must be some part of it that is vital.

Your lecturers need to know who you are, so going to lectures are important, because you will need help at some point. Your lecturer will not help someone who they do not know, especially when this isn’t college or secondary school. Teachers will not chase you if you decide not to come in because you were so wasted the night before – it is independent learning but that doesn’t mean take you should that independence for granted and abuse it. YOU have to help yourself first. Discipline and prioritisation are key. Otherwise you’ll either find yourself struggling or failing altogether.

Know where all the books that will be useful to you later in your library are kept. Know your way around in the library period. Don’t leave every single assignment till the very last minute & then complain when you’re getting all stressed. Time management is SUCH an important skill. It really will help you.

Get and find experience! I re-took one of my uni modules so during the spare time I had I made sure I was getting experience from different magazine publications. I was blogging heavily and made sure my CV looked amazing.

A degree is great, but do you know what’s even better? Someone who can study and still have the relevant experience. After graduating I now have my own column in magazines. . and duh a pretty awesome blog you might of heard of.

Sex & Relationships

Because Simply Oloni is aimed at women these next couple of lines are for you! Please do not be fooled and think you will find a husband in your first year of university automatically, because you’ll be in for a surprise.

Even if you do think you could see a future with a guy, sometimes it’s best to take things slowly. Appreciate the value of friendship. Enjoy the company of different people without having to sleep with many people. A lot of girls feel they have to feed, clothe and sexually satisfy a guy at the drop of a hat just because he’s showing you a little interest. Don’t assume that letting him in will make him stay. A lot of men, at this age, are just about to experience FREEDOM and most want to execute it by BEING free (i.e. no strings attached). Do not fall into the trap by thinking he wants to settle down. These are 18/19 year old guys remember! It could happen, but it’s rare.

Whatever you’re studying make sure it’s what you want. Ask yourself if the degree will benefit you in the future. Be sensible and think about the loan you’ll have to pay back. I remember my heart skipping a mini beat when student finance sent me a letter already demanding their money back two days before my graduation.

Do not go because your friends are, or because you’re being forced by your parents. I’m sure you already know about the maintenance loan being scrapped by the government soon, so think very wisely about all your decisions. If you have to go through clearing, once again, pick very wisely these next three years are going to be a huge journey.

Good luck!

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