9 Ways You Can Get Him To Take You To Winter Wonderland This Christmas

Oh Winter Wonderland, every single girls’ favourite thing to tweet about during this time of year.

As beautiful and yet over-hyped as it is, it makes sense as to why a lot of us would like to experience this as a date with a love interest or boyfriend. It only comes around once a year and just like any other regular date, it allows you to create a fun-loving memory together.

But let’s face it, some men aren’t really crazy about the idea of holding hands, skating, or splitting a stick full of strawberry candy floss. They need a bit of convincing and that’s where we come in.

With the help of other Simply Oloni contributors, I’ve created a compilation of nine funny ideas to get him to take you to Winter Wonderland this Christmas season.

1. Drop serious hints to him. – ‘Have you ever been to Winter Wonderland babe?’ And before he answers, reply ‘Yeah, me neither.’ #IssaDate

2. Send him a link to book the tickets – If he’s a smart lad, he’ll know what to do.

3. Place a bet with him – If you win the bet he takes you, if you lose he still takes you.


4. Say you’d like to double date – Then when you get there, ditch your friends!

5. Ask during sex – He’ll agree to anything then.

6. Tell him it’s free! – Then act surprised when you both get there and he figures out you have to pay. He won’t say ‘No’, once he sees the pretty fairy lights, now will he?

7. Cry -.. It could work.

8. Compare him to his friends – Who have already taken their girlfriends there two years in a row, he’ll give in, since a lot of guys can be persuaded by the actions of their friends anyway…

9.Hold out on sex – Okay, let’s be real now, that’s just insane ‘Hold out on sex’ lol as if.


When it comes to any type of date, simply communicate to whoever you’re involved with that you’d like to go somewhere. The truth is if they like you enough, the chances are, they’ll be more than happy to go with you since it means spending more time together.

What did you think of our list anyway? Tweet us over @SimplyOloni



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Dami Olonisakin

Dami Olonisakin

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