9 Signs That You’re The Rebound Girl

It’s very possible for relationships to be formed quickly after a couple weeks of dating. You click and get on well, so what’s the delay, you might as well make it official… Right?

But what if the person you’re dating has just come out of a relationship and still wants to pursue something serious with you? How can you tell if their intentions are pure and that they’re not just trying to fill an empty void?

I once knew a guy called James, who purposely got into a new relationship with a girl he’d known for 1 week, just to get back at his ex who had cheated on him. At first, I didn’t understand as he didn’t admit what had happened with his former flame, but he was also guilty of being a serial dater.

The relationship lasted for about 4 months, before he realised that he was in it for all the wrong reasons.. and her? Well, she believed that they had something special and wasn’t quite ready to give up on the idea of them as a couple..even after he got back with his ex.


So how can you tell you tell if you’re the rebound girlfriend? I’ve compiled a list of signs that should be clear red flags. Check them out below.

  1. He says “I love you” after some weeks of exclusivity. Is it sweet? Well, it depends on your definition of sweet, but it’s way too soon. It sounds like he saying anything he can to “woo” you into staying by his side for the long run. It’s also super clingy.
  2. You notice he can’t go a day without bringing up his ex in a conversation. You could be talking about toilet tissue and he’d manage slip in what way his ex used to let the tissue hang on the loo roll holder.
  3. You catch him on social media stalking his ex often. It’s reached a point where her name is in the search box for recent contacts. Wanting to know what your ex is up to is completely normal, but when you’re in a relationship with a new partner and still watching your ex’s every move, it shows that there hasn’t been a real chance for you to move on.
  4. His friends don’t bother to get to know you ..or your name. Chances are, you’re one of many past girlfriends and learning your name is a waste of everyone’s time.
  5. He posts photos of the both of you excessively with long winded caption on Instagram and Facebook proclaiming to the world how happy he is, now that he’s found you. I mean, I’m sure you do make him happy, but when someone is doing the most, it’s usually for the wrong reason.
  6. He expects you to act as a couple who knows each other inside out and have been committed for 2 years, when it’s been 2 months.
  7. The only thing you share in common is having a really high sex drive. It’s probably what got you here in the first place.
  8. He tries to get you to act like someone you’re not…perhaps his ex? Just a little guess.
  9. He has moments when he behaves really bitter.. and why? Because he’s still not over his last relationship
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