8 Ways To Enjoy Your Sex Life More In 2017

The New Year is right around the corner, so why not start if off with a big bang? (Get it? Big bang… anywhoo)  Own your sexuality more in 2017 by opening up to different ideas of sex in a healthier way.

It doesn’t matter if you’re having sex in a commitment, or with a friend with benefits, so long as it’s the type that leaves you glowing after you achieve that AH-MAZING big O.

According to WebMD sex has numerous health benefits, this includes lowering your blood pressure, easing stress and of course, improves your sleep – I think we can all personally relate to that.

Challenge yourself this year to understand your body more through practising safe sex or even masturbating. Figure out what you enjoy most in the bedroom and say ‘NO!’ to faking any sort of orgasms, by finding your voice between the sheets.

Below are some top tips to help Simply Oloni readers enjoy their sex lives more in 2017.

1) Be brave and make the first move
Women are starting to own their sexuality, as it’s becoming more socially acceptable. We’re not waiting on guys to show a romantic or sexual interest first. We’re becoming more confident and going after what we’re attracted to. So, if in 2016 it wasn’t really your thing to approach a guy with your erotic intentions, why not try it in 2017? It also feel incredibly liberating.


2)  Get tested and always use protection 
Safe sex will always be the best kind of sex, but make sure you go into the new year knowing your sexual health status. This puts your mind at rest when getting naked with that lucky guy, or girl.

Double up on protection too! Condoms are great and always essential, but why not get more information about other sorts of contraception, such as the implant or the pill.


3) Introduce a sex toy into the bedroom
One of my favourite sex toys this year has to be Simply Oloni’s HERGASM exclusive range and Moregasm rabbit ears by Ann Summers. Toys are great to use as a couple and help create an even bigger mind-blowing, earth shattering orgasm. From bullets, to cock rings, and dildos, you can’t go wrong by adding towards your toy collection in 2017. You better head down to your favourite adult stores while the sales are on.


4) Dressing up 
Make both your fantasies a reality and dress up. You can role play and be a slutty nurse, or perhaps a naughty schoolgirl who needs to be spanked? Use your imagination and find out what your partner is in to, to make your bedroom escapades even more exciting.


5) Use your voice 
The mistake several of us make, is not knowing how to communicate properly when it comes to sex. For example, the agreement at first could be that you’d like to be ‘fuck buddies’, but later on you slowly notice that you’re developing feelings. If that does become the case, talk about it.

Communicate in the bedroom and let it be known what your body enjoys most. Sometimes the people we have sex with try to guess what our body responds to best, but simply telling them goes a long way.

6) Have a sexual experiment
Have you ever thought about having a sexual moment with someone of the same sex? What about having a threesome or an orgy? Not to sound cliche, but you really do only live once.


7) Never settle
If you’re having sex with someone you don’t have a healthy relationship with such as an ex or someone from a past situationship, STOP. Often, a lot of women settle for the dick they know out of fear of increasing the number of people they have been sexually intimate with. You deserve better sis.


8) Sex restraint kit..BDSM the light work..
You’d think this would go under sex toys, but it doesn’t,  as sex toys and sexual restraint kits are quite different. These are more bondage material. Think handcuffs, ropes, under mattress restraints, bondage tape and door jams. (I’m getting excited just typing about it..ah) – All of this adds a new level to your sex life, that you may want to experience. In one way or another all of these restraints allow you to take control and dominate your lover.


So tell me how will you be enjoying your sex life more in 2017? I’m really interested! Tweet me over at @Oloni  or @SimplyOloni

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