8 Sex Positive Women You Have To Follow On Instagram

The world needs more sex positivity, don’t you agree? Talking about sex as a woman without being shamed is slowly becoming more acceptable. Whether it’s discussing the ins and outs of female orgasms, relationships, sex toys, dating and sexual health…sex needs to be the topic of conversations more! For that reason I have compiled a list of 8 sex positive women you have to follow on Instagram.



Instagram: Oloni & SimplyOloni

Oloni is the founder of Simply Oloni, (duh) and the creator of the sex stories that went viral on news platforms and social media. She won the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards in 2015 for having the best blog on sex and relationships and answers dating dilemmas via Ask Oloni

Shannon Boodram

Instagram: ShanBoody  

Widely known as ‘Shan Boody’, the sexpert has done various TV appearances, including the CBS’ The Insider.  She also has a hard-hitting anthology ‘LAID: Young People’s Experiences with Sex in an Easy-Access Culture’. She has a YouTube channel of over 207K subscribers where she talks about sex, open relationships to how to plant a good ol’ kiss.

Alix Fox

Instagram: alixfox

Alix Fox is an award winning UK sex and relationships expert for Durex, teaches for Ann Summers and hosts a sex  podcast called,  Close Encounters for The Guardian. She has an impressive CV and is currently Superdrugs sex educator. Go Alix!


Tyomi Morgan

Instagram: theglamazontyomi

Tyomi Morgan better known as ‘the Glamazon Tyomi’ is a sexuality coach, and broadcaster and contributing writer for Ebony Magazine. Tyomi talks about everything from foreplay to sex positions.

Reed Amber and Florence Barkway from Come Curious

Instagram: reedamberx  and florencebark  – comecuriousx

Reed and Florence are two 20-something-year-old vloggers who have a sex positive youtube channel called ‘Come Curious’. They answer your sex questions and talk everything from dating to losing that v card, as well as opening up and sharing their own personal experiences.

Angela Yee

Instagram: AngelaYee

Angela Yee is a radio presenter who co-hosts The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1. Asides from being a radio presenter, she hosts the ‘Lip Service’ a podcasts, that delivers you the juice on sex and relationships with the hottest stars in Hip Hop and R&B.

Hannah Witton

Instagram: hannahwitton 

Hannah is a YouTuber and Blogger, who talks about sex education, feminism, travel and books. Hannah also has a non-fiction book about sex and relationships called ‘Doing it’ and it is due to be released in the UK on the 6th of April.  Did I mention that she also won Cosmopolitan’s ‘best sex and relationships influencer’ last year?

Karley Sciortino

Instagram: karleyslutever 


Karley is a sex positive blogger, who writes about all her past and present sexual encounters. She also has a column in Vogue called Breathless and produces brilliant content with Vice, where she discusses  sexual culture plus more.

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