8 Reasons Why Carrie Should Have Ended Up With Aidan

I’m a die hard Sex and The City fan, so much my Twitter bio used to read ‘The Black Carrie Bradshaw…with a weave’ but after seeing nearly every sex and relationship writer refer to themselves as Carrie I quickly took it out.

But deep down Candace Bushnell created a character that inspires me everyday. She allowed me to think about dating, hook-ups, relationships, the ‘if’s’ and the ‘but’s’ of finding true love. One thing I always questioned was if Carrie should have ended up with Big. To me he was that on and off ex that women write to me about constantly ‘Oh, but I’ve been with him for over 5 years.’ – I think she should have ended up with Aidan and here’s why.

He truly loved her and never messed her about…not once.

In comparison to Big who never knew whether he was coming or going in her life.



His Bromance with Steve

Who doesn’t want their man to be besties with their besties man? (Miranda of course)



Aidan was a GOOD boyfriend

Remember when Miranda hurt her neck and asked Carrie to come around and help her off the bathroom floor? Well, who came to the rescue instead?  Yep, Aidan! I mean sure it was awks, but would Big or her Russian ex do that? Hell no.



Aidan always wanted to marry Carrie

In the SATC movie Big couldn’t even get out of the car when he was supposed to jump the broom with Carrie … then she gets disgraced in her Vivenne Westwood wedding gown.



He was a real mans man

Aidan dealt with furniture and the type of guy who would build you your perfect kitchen or closet. . since we’re talking about Carrie.



Who was more thoughtful than Aidan?

Remember when Carrie’s laptop had that glitch and broke down? Who ran to the store and bought her a new one? Not Big.



Might I add how ungrateful her butt was…


He cared about her health

Carrie was infamous for her pack of 20 Marlboro Lights, but Aidan wanted her to quit that habit as he refused to date a smoker and because she was soooo into him. She did something to benefit her and quit.


Uhh .. Whatever Carrie.

And lastly he was WAY better looking.

When Carrie was trying to worm her way back into Aidan’s life, do you recall how HOT he got? It was like ‘How dare you get better looking after we break up?’.  He even lost the tummy gut!carriesmissse-aidan-simplyoloni



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Dami Olonisakin

Dami Olonisakin

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  1. Xoxotemi
    November 30, 2015 at 10:53 pm — Reply

    Aidan was a great guy, but he wasn’t right for Carrie. She walked all over him and didn’t appreciate the nice things he did for her. Even though Big was kind of an ass, she was more compatible with him (probably because she was kind of an ass too).

  2. Yaya
    September 10, 2017 at 1:25 pm — Reply

    Aiden vs Big is the classic story men always tell… know whats even worse? We fall victim each and every time.

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