6 Tips To Help You Get Through Your Winter Break Up

A relationship fizzling out during the winter months is horrible speaking from experience it just feels worse than any other season – for starters it’s colder, the Christmas lights outside look so beautiful and romantic at night and everyone is huddled together keeping warm and forming relationships. And then there you are feeling lonely, watching these couples while your relationship has dwindled away to nothing. It is the time of the year that has been dubbed as the “cuffing season” but what about if you are not getting cuffed? What if the cuffs have loosened and things in your once solid relationship has become stagnant? If you have found yourself in this position I have rounded up a few things that will help to soothe the frostbite of your winter break up:

Accept that you are hurting:

It is so important to acknowledge your pain because sweeping everything under the carpet and putting on a glacial front may seem to help speed things along for a while but remember ice melts and sooner or later you are going to have to face the lump of emotions that is poking out from underneath the carpet.

 Focus on yourself:

One of the key things you will need to do is focus on yourself since you now have the opportunity to re-evaluate decisions you made in the past that may not have given you an outcome that was good for you and get yourself back to a good place which encourages growth and is one of the many things that will assist you in kick-starting the healing progress.


Consider your circle:

Surround yourself with things and people who empower you, encourage you to try new things and step even further out of your comfort zone. You can receive relationship coaching from Oloni, read more, go out and keep yourself busy not just to get your mind off of your break up but to enhance your life. This will remind you that there is so much more to see and an ending to one thing can set forward a chain reaction of changes that will only push you towards greatness – if you allow it to of course.

Start small:

Take baby steps, some days will feel better than others you may feel liberated one day then the next you may feel like you have taken several steps back but that’s natural and it will get easier with time.

Express yourself:

When you feel like venting – vent and also remember that you don’t need to take anyone else’s advice. It is ultimately down to what you feel is right. Try writing things down and continue to express how you feel in whatever way you feel comfortable doing so. The more frequently you do this the more you gain a better understanding about your emotions towards your break-up.

Or do none of the above:

And finally if you keep going back – allow yourself to feel the burn – you know what’s right from wrong but you keep doing what you know you shouldn’t be doing. No one can stop you but you, no one can force you to move on if you are still present in the relationship mentally and physically. So keep allowing your fingers to linger on the stove until the singes on your skin keeps you away from it – don’t beat yourself up, it happens to us all – you will eventually have enough and then you can always come back to this post.

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