6 Things You Can Do To Get Fit

Sometimes knowing where to start or what to do in terms of getting physically fit can be a hard one.  There are so many activities to get your blood pumping and your muscles looking toned, as well as feeling good.

People often get confused on what training programme is right for them, what may work for others may not work for you; so Simply Oloni has come up with 6 different ways on how to get fit this summer.


1, 2, 3 and breathe. Yoga has been a health practice for ancient years, it can heal aches and pains, keep you relaxed and there are many more benefits of participating in yoga. It can improve your flexibility, build up muscle strength, improve your posture, increase your blood flow thus improving circulation, and boost your immunity from those nasty colds and flu and up your heart rate.

In addition, did you know it can also make you happier? As well as improving your sleep and releasing the tension in your body?

There many classes available, however they can sometimes be a bit pricey, so you can head over to YouTube, and participate in some home Yoga sessions; KINOYoga is recommended.


5, 6, 7, 8 and hit it. Dancing is a personal favourite of mine and it’s a fun and exciting way to get fit.  There are so many styles of dancing which you can pick from, ranging from ballet to jazz from jazz to hiphop and even zumba!

There are so many places to choose from when it comes to taking dance classes, two of my favourites are Pineapple Studios as well as Studio 68.

Running & Jogging

You can download Nike Free Run from the app store, to track down how many miles you’ve ran and how many calories you’ve burnt. Running can also strengthen your knees and other joints and bones.


Did  you know that swimming is an effective way to tone your muscles? It’s a low impact way to train as it doesn’t put any strain on your joints.


Gymnastics is another way to improve your flexibility, as well as tone up and build up your muscles mass.


  • Cardio: If you dislike running outdoors, then heading down to the gym, to circuit training or the treadmill may be something you may enjoy.
  • Weight Lifting: Weight lifting is another favourite of mine; it gets your blood pumping and also tones your muscles and strengthens you. You can purchase 1kg to around 10 kg weights, if you would prefer to work out at home.
  • High Intensity Tactical Training. This is a little intense, so try not to do it everyday; the benefits of HITT is that it is an all round body trainer, it can build up your muscle mass as well as building up your stamina.
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