6 Signs He Will Never Want More Than Just Sex

We all know men can separate sex from emotions more than most women can. Just because he is coming back for sex does not mean that he is coming back for you. If the sex is good of course he will want to do it again. Men will often have no problem lying and selling dreams to get what they want out of women and that is a fact! If he has no intentions of building a meaningful relationship with you and he is honest about this knowing that you want something more than a hookup then he will lose out and not get what he wants. Some men know this and that’s why they find it easier to lie so that they can get what they want most women to know this also and that is why it can be so hard to decipher. So here are 7 signs it will never be more than just sex:

He has told you he does not want a relationship:

If a guy says this listen to him and believe it! A guy who is interested in having you in his life would not state that he wants to be casual and risk losing you in the long run. He also would not be comfortable with you sleeping with other people. But then again you may also come across men with double standards who want you to keep your legs shut sit at home and read your bible like a child of God, whilst they go out and hoe about. There is no point hanging onto a guy like this in hope that he will suddenly change his mind and want to be with you. You’ll more than likely end up getting hurt. You cannot get annoyed when you find out he is dating other people due to the fact that you have no title and hold no place in his life other than just a hookup. As you’ve set expectations that were never a part of his reality. Respect the fact that he has been upfront and honest. Do not waste any more of your time if you do not want something that is purely casual.

He gets angry when you say you don’t want to have sex:

Any guy that wants you for who you are will not care if you do not hook up every time you spend time together. He would not mind hanging out and doing other stuff.

He only compliments you on your appearance:

Does he only notice how you look but pays no attention to your personality and not so obvious quirks that you may possess? It can be a red flag that is missed nowadays as everyone loves to hear and read comments about their figure, especially about their bum and most men enjoy rating arses.

The context of your conversation is purely sexual:

One way to tell if he just wants sex is if he constantly tries to set up situations for you to have sex instead of going out on a proper date. He does not want to be seen with you in public he basically wants you under the covers with the lights off for five minutes or less. This can also mean getting you drunk and trying to go back to your place or his or treating you like a booty call by unexpectedly popping up late at night after not being in contact for several days. This is a guy who is only concerned with your body. Does he call you late at night when he has failed to snare other females into his trap, guys like this will sometimes text and call many women to see who replies first or to see who is down with meeting up for a quickie, do not believe a guy that wants to just hang out at 2am to play scrabble.

He leaves straight after sex:

If you have already been intimate then another simple way to tell is if as soon as the naked no pants dance is done he makes excuses to leave and gets straight up and puts his clothes on. He has no reason to stick around he achieved what he came to do and it’s time to bounce! He will not spend the night.

Every interaction is sexual:

Guys who are only interested in sex will also make every interaction sexual. If he never asks you questions about who you are and what you are really about such as personal deep things. He will pose questions about your breasts, ask you for nudes and information on the most you have ever done with a guy. He will always refuse to answer questions about himself, he will always try to keep things on a shallow level when it comes to interacting and getting to know each other there will be no depth. You may also notice that he doesn’t reply to his texts straight away but when you are in his company he is always on his phone.

By Ebun Hargrave

Twitter: @ebunhargrave
Instagram: @ebunfelicityhargrave

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