6 Fun Facts About The Clitoris You Didn’t Know

I’ve just come back from my holiday recently an when visiting sunny Cancun in Me-hico all I could think about was wanting to be in the privacy of my own space to masturbate after day two out there. It was not easy. I shared a room with some of my friends, so it wasn’t very ideal. I thought about my clitoris so much, that it prompted me do dig out some cool fun facts about it.

Check them about below!

1) The clitoris has more nerve endings than the male penis, which makes us more superior … okay, so maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but it does include 8,000 nerve endings and is double the amount of what a penis has.

2) 50% to 75% of women need their clitoris to be touched before they can truly experience a climax. Several women are not able to have an orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. So get to touching, if you want to that big O!

3) Did you know that after menopause the clitoris becomes 2.5 times larger in comparison to when a woman was a teenager?


4) It has one job. That’s right, the clitoris’ only function is to provide us with the most toe curling pleasure. Where would we be without our beautiful magic bean?

5) Apparently size does matter for us.. That’s to do with the distance between your vaginal opening and clitoris however. According to Medical Daily, “Researchers of the current study found that women who were diagnosed with anorgasmia, an inability to orgasm even after stimulation, had a larger distance between their clitoral glans and body, and the vaginal opening. In all, the distance was about five to six centimeters longer — on average, the crura and body can be up to 10 centimeters — and these women also tended to have smaller clitorises.”

6) Here’s another interesting and historical fact… Marie Bonaparte the great-grandniece to Napoleon Bonaparte had her clit moved closer to her vagina as she was having a difficult time reaching an orgasm. There was still evidence that if the space between the clitoris and vaginal opening is less than an inch, a woman is more likely to be able to orgasm through penetrative sex alone.

Was the surgery a success you ask? Sadly, it wasn’t.

What Bonaparte didn’t know is that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the clitoris. Only one quarter is truly visible, while the rest is inside the body. It’s actually shaped like a wishbone connecting to the G-spot. The clitoris is also very sensitive and made up of different sections, this includes the head of the clitoris, the shaft, the hood, erectile tissue and urethral sponge.. Exactly, why the surgery didn’t quite work.

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