5 Top Tips To Achieve The Perfect Liquid Lipstick Finish

1. Purchase a lip scrub or make your own and be sure to exfoliate your lips daily or even twice a day but defiantly before you apply a liquid lipstick because if you don’t the cracks in your lips will show, so the smoother the better. Lush sell brilliant lip scrubs for £5 and they last for a long time.


2. Get a lip conditioner and use it before application this will help with the staying power and it allows your lips to keep moisture even when using a drying product like this. MAC sell one for £12.


mac_sku_M6H301_640x600_03. Use a amazing lip liner. Lip liners create definition on your lips and they help to keep the products from fraying. Lip liners also can be used to contour to make the lips appear bigger, it can be used to let the products stay on longer. You can purchase great lip liners at MAC, Kiko, Make up forever and Revlon just to name a few.


4. Let it dry! Drying will allow you to see if another layer is needed.


5. Do not be scared to mix colours! Ombré and colour mixing is amazing. Getting more out of your money by making new colours and creating different looks gives you a refreshing look, I guarantee ladies will stop you in the road to find out the colour.


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