5 Things To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Throwing in the towel doesn’t have to be last thing you do.

You might be feeling stressed, confused or lost. Whether it’s job hunting or studying for your degree, quitting can seem like the only way out of the hole of overloading tasks and duties.

Sometimes organisation is key to a healthy working style and can easily reduce the amount of stress you may encounter on a day to basis.

Here at Simply Oloni we’re giving you 5 things to do when you feel like throwing in the towel.

1. Delegate tasks to family  other members of staff and/or classmates

Sometimes we like to think that we are super humans but in reality we are not. “If you want something done, do it yourself” – As much as you want to get things done as quick as possible, it would be easier to delegate that specific task to a colleague or classmate. It can take a load off your work plate and make your life easier.

2. Get enough rest

When we’re tired and cranky, it just seems like the world is crashing down, which means less work gets done. So perhaps set a bed time? We’re all grown adults but it is necessary to get the correct hours of sleep.

3. Think of other accomplishments

You can get bogged down and discouraged when you feel that your behind on work. It is important to remember the great things you have achieved in the past, this will give you motivation and boost your mood.

4. Set SMART goals

Often we loose sight of our goal that we wish to achieve and become discouraged once something fails or goes left. Set goals, then break them into mini goals and then focus on your behaviour that could potentially bring you closer to it all

5. Use that frustration, annoyance, stress to work your butt off

I’ve found that when I’m stressed I tend to perform well, whether I’m at university or work. Good doses of stress is healthy to the brain, as it activates your sympathetic system which controls the ‘flight or fight’ response and gets you working.

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