3 Ways To Use HERGASM While Having Sex In A Car

Following our recent ‘Are You A Hoe?’ quiz I’m sure we can all benefit from experimenting a little more in our sex lives whether your score was #Vanilla, #ALilDirty, #HERGASM or #TheFreak a little spontaneity to mix things up is in order and what better way to do that than with Simply Oloni’s very own HERGASM bullet? When test-driving a new product it’s only right you do it in a car preferably during the evening in an open space or an empty car park.

This toy is travelled-sized meaning you can take it anywhere and easily whip it out. It definitely gives you a chance to get creative, discovering exactly what you can do in the confines of the car and how many positions you can try out while enhancing your sexual pleasure with your new compact companion. Here are our top three ways you can take HERGASM out for a spin:

Use it to tease:
You can give your partner a little preview of what’s to come while he’s driving even if it is to simply intensify the sensations of a quickie. Just be careful with this one as he’s driving and you don’t want to distract him too much when he’s on the road. Maybe you can show him that you’re not wearing any underwear, allow him to finger you while he’s driving depending on his multi-tasking abilities while you use the bullet on your clit or allow him to control it while you play with yourself. You can unexpectedly demand him to park somewhere or you might want to hold out on including him in the fun for as long as possible and just focus on exploring the different areas of your body you can use the vibrator on before allowing him to take a turn with the toy the multi-speed vibrating settings. You can alternate the intensity of the vibration starting on a low speed and slowly build it up getting you to your peak before decreasing it to a slower speed and doing it all over again.

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Use it on him:
A hand job or a sloppy blowjob in the front or the back seat incorporating the vibrator with the variation of speed and technique induces mind-blowing sensations. You can put the bullet against your cheek while you take him into your mouth so he is able to feel the vibrations while you are sucking. Whether you decide to surprise him while he’s driving (again, approach with caution) or clamber into the backseat you could try trailing it along, around and underneath his balls pressing to feel the prostate the area between his scrotum and his anus avoiding his balls at this point as it can cause a little extra sensitivity. You can do this while giving him a hand job, head or alternating between the two actions. You can also work it along the length of his shaft running it along and just underneath the head on a low setting while you put his balls in your mouth. If you blindfold him or playfully cover his eyes with your hand while you trail the vibrator around his sensitive spots this is a great way of building up anticipation and keeping things fun while concentrating on responding to what he likes.


Use it while fucking him in the front and backseat:

Your height and the amount of space that you have in the car will obviously play a part in how the both of you go about doing this. The drivers’ seat will restrict you further as the steering wheel can get in the way. If it’s possible depending on where the car is parked you can even open a door to give you more legroom. The Cowgirl position works best if you are in the front of the car as he can then recline the seat if needed and we all know this position is great because it means that you are in complete control. You can pick up the pace and control the rhythm and directly stimulate your G-Spot. He can use HERGASM on your nipples licking, sucking and biting on one nipple while the vibrator is on the other before swapping sides. You can also sit on his lap with your back to him and your legs inside of his to get a more controlled penetration before leaning forward and arching your back to give him a joyride with a view. You can then head over to the back seat and use the vibrator while laying on your side in a spooning position and letting it hit your clit directly playing around with the variety of pulses, you can try to 69, missionary or doggy style the vibrator focusing on your clit once more, you can use different hand motions, circular, up and down, side-to-side and some light tapping combined with the different speed settings to give you deliciously intense orgasms.



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