3 Of The Best Things About Your First Christmas Together As A Couple

Christmas is just around the corner and there is a drop in the temperature outside along with the decline in our bank balances – yet that still doesn’t deter from the excitement towards the upcoming festivities. How could it? The food, decorations, Christmas movies – but it always feels better when you are doing it with the people you love, and first Christmases with your partner can amplify these feelings of excitement so why not list three of the best things about spending Christmas with your man?

You learn something new

As you are doing something new it will bring forward a fresh round of discoveries about different behaviours, habits and the way you both interact and behave with certain family members in different situations. You never know, it might even teach you something new about yourself and it can happen at any time like while flicking through photo albums, being told a funny story about their childhood or it could come from something as little as the particular way they like to eat their Christmas dinner – regardless of what it is, it will bring you closer together and solidify your bond.


Create your own traditions

This gives you the opportunity to put your own signature stamp on things. You will naturally begin to form your own traditions that will be a combination of your individual tastes and expectations when it comes to celebrating Christmas. This can be influenced by many different factors such as your different or similar values and upbringings. It may incorporate faith, religion and have a strong emphasis on family, which will then be merged into something that is comfortable for the both of you, making it a new and interesting transition.




The last point but probably one of the first things on your mind – the gifts. You both get to purchase gifts and surprise one another – sparking your creativity, maybe even improving your wrapping and snooping skills (if you are the type to go on the hunt for your gift so you can prepare your reaction just in case you don’t like it) and of course leaving the best gift in the bedroom. These three things are just some of the many things that will set the tone for what to expect in the Christmases to come.



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