19 Ways To Tell He’s Trying To Avoid Spending Valentine’s Day With You

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and several people are currently confused as to whether or not they’ll have plans that evening despite being in a sort-of relationship. My friend Amy is one of them. She’s been dating a guy for 6 months and shared how ‘off’ he was starting to behave. She fears that he is purposely trying to back out of whatever they might have planned.

After advising her to have a conversation with him, it later hit me that some men do behave this way. They purposely book trips or start arguments during this period so they don’t have to do the mushy stuff on social media or in restaurants next to several other couples.

Below I listed 19 ways to tell if he’s trying to avoid spending Valentine’s Day with you.. Admittedly, some are a reach, whilst others hold a bit of truth.

1. He looks for a reason to argue and fight.
2. He says his mum is his Valentine
3. Of all the days out of the year, he decides to book a trip to visit the nan he doesn’t have
4. Chooses to work longer hours
5. He calls Valentine’s Day pointless, even though he wanted oral sex on steak and blowjob day.
6. You notice he tries to change the subject every time Valentine’s Day is brought up
7. You see him tweet pessimistic things regarding February 14th with his shitty little mates on Twitter.
8. He stops liking all your photos you post on Facebook and Instagram to avoid paying you any attention.
9. He suddenly puts you in the friendzone
10. Your intuition tells you he’s talking to his ex again
11. All your messages sent to him via Whats App are suddenly being left on two blue ticks
12. He agrees to babysit his 5 year-old niece.
13. He becomes ‘sick’ February 12th
14. His bank card gets ‘lost’ or ‘stolen’
15. He starts to put his phone on Do Not Disturb from February 11th
16. Extremely slow replies to all of your messages, but responds quickly in the group chat.
17. He gets very defensive when you talk about Valentine’s Day
18. As Valentine’s Day gets closer he remembers his driving ban and claims to hate public transport.
19. He starts to ghost out on you as the days get closer.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever had a guy pull a quick one, so he wouldn’t have to spend valentine’s day with you, or buy you anything? Tweet me over at @Oloni or @SimplyOloni


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