16 Ways To Tell That Your ‘Potential Boyfriend’ Will Never Become Your Official Boyfriend

He’s introduced you to the family, his friends and spends every other day with you, but exactly why hasn’t the guy you’ve been dating for 3 months not made it official yet?

Well, it’s because he’s part of the ‘go with the flow’ brigade. The type who gives you speeches as to why titles in a relationship do not matter, even though he’s had two ex-girlfriends. It could also be a bunch of other reasons and I’ve listed how you can tell below.

  1. He always cancels your date plans, but finds time to come to your house to, ‘chill’.
  2. He still very friendly with both his ex’s.
  3. Every time you get your phone out to record a snap with him, he dodges the camera and totally messes up your filter.
  4. He takes forever to text back.
  5. The only thing great about the relationship is the sex.
  6. He only flirts with you when you’re both by yourselves, but treats you like a friend in front of others.
  7. When you communicate by @ing him on social media he never responds.
  8. He always sends you a Whats App message asking you to send him a nude.
  9. He’s never truly admitted how he feels about you or the relationship you have.
  10. His parents have accidentally called you the wrong name.
  11. He keeps making false promises about the baecation you’ll both go on.
  12. You notice that he’s always following Instagram girls and liking one too many tweets from women…even the unfunny ones.
  13. He guilts you into buying him fancy things.
  14. He has a particular girls number saved under a guy’s name.
  15. He rarely invites you on a night out and always claims the plans were last minute.
  16. When you do let him know you’re going out, he never checks to see if you’ve gotten in safely.
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Dami Olonisakin

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