15 Things You Should Add To Your Sex Bucket List

Some people’s brains are in their head and some people’s brains are in their genitals, my brain is in my genitals. That means that I think about sex the majority of the time and that my sex drive is higher than Bob Marley has ever been. (SUGGESTED READING: 13 Crazy Places You Need To Have Sex Before You Turn 30) Everyone has fantasies, things they would like to try and everyone has a mental list of sexual activities they would like to try out. I actually wrote my list down and out of 148 of you who voted in my poll on Twitter 83% of you wanted to know what I have ticked off my sexual bucket list.

From foursomes, friends with benefits and good old breakup sex, this is what I have ticked off so far:
Threesome with two girls and one guy.
Foursome with two girls and two guys.
Sex with someone of the opposite sex.
Have a friends-with-benefits.
Have a one night stand.
Have breakup sex. (wasn’t actually on my bucket list but might as well make the most out of a breakup right?)
Have sex on public transport.
Have sex in a famous landmark (surely Hyde Park counts right?)
Have sex in somebody else’s bed at a house party. (like in the movies)
Have sex with someone I’m in love with. (Oh how romantic Soph)
Copy a porn video and act it out. (no I don’t have a sex tape)
Have sex on a pool table.
Have sex in a swimming pool.
Have sex on a balcony. (Again wasn’t planned but it was too damn hot not to include)
Have sex on the kitchen table and a kitchen counter.

You may now think, ‘Cor, she’s been around’ but many of these were ticked off with the same guy, except the foursome of course because well, it was a foursome. Women are so scared to talk about sex for the fear of being judged and slut-shamed, but I say screw that and do whatever you want. As long as you’re safe and wear a condom, both parties have given full consent and you take your sexual health seriously then have fun with sex. Try new things with a partner or with someone you trust, tick things off your bucket list and just enjoy exploring your sexuality and what gets you clawing at the bed sheets in a fit of pleasure.


Tell us on Twitter what’s the hottest/craziest thing you have ticked off your sexual bucket list @SimplyOloni or send in an anonymous confession here.


By Soph Violet

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Soph Violet

Soph Violet

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