13 Mistakes Women Make In The Bedroom During Sex

So many of us are guilty of making mistakes in the bedroom and although some of us learn from them, there are plenty who are still repeating it. I’ve decided to compile a list of 13 mistakes women make in the bedroom. Let’s see if if you can relate to any!

1) Constantly checking your phone – Your phone should not matter to you right now, enjoy what’s supposed to be a sexually satisfying time instead of worrying about what notification keeps popping up every few minutes.

2) Lying about your orgasm – It’s okay to admit that you didn’t come, but please do not lie! You’re only decreasing the chances of getting that full climax you deserve if you choose get intimate again.

3) Using teeth whilst giving him oral pleasure – Okay, so you’re not getting it right and the ‘ouch’ noises you hear from him every time you look up don’t seem to help. Take your time..and it’ll come naturally.

4) You worry about how you look instead of enjoying the moment – It’s normal to feel self conscious, many of us are..After all, you are naked and bumping genitals, but sexual confidence includes feeling comfortable in your skin as well as owning your sexuality. So let loose!



5) Being shy – You might have some sexual fantasies you want him to fulfil, so this isn’t the time to hold back, speak up.

6) Never initiating – Don’t let him be the only one to constantly initiate sex. If you’re in the mood for some good ol’ loving, show him.

7) Being a selfish lover – So he’s blown your back out, gone down below to show you what his mouth can do, only for you to reach your orgasm and tap out. Selfish lovers aren’t the greatest lovers, remember sex should be about sexually satisfying the other person, especially if that’s what you’re both after.

8) Dry handjobs – Oh, this and dry head is probably a guys worst nightmare if you’re out of saliva, add some lube to the mix.

9) Skipping foreplay – Now this should be seen as a sin. Foreplay is essential and should not be something you skip, hop and run past as it can ruin the sexual session instead. Don’t you want to be fully hot and bothered, before you jump into things completely?

10) Allowing him to not wear a condom, because he got checked 2 months ago. (Boy skrr) – Hook-ups or committed relationships, safe sex has always been the best type of sex. Remember other forms of contraception does not protect you from STI’s.

11) Trying hard to keep quiet – Allow yourself to make all the ‘Ooh’s’ and ‘Ahh’s’ you want, have you ever heard of a quiet person on a roller-coaster? … I didn’t think so.

12) Hygiene – Hygiene is so important when you’re about to get into bed with someone. When you’re clean you feel confident and even more free.

  • Shower before and after
  • Clean underwear is essential
  • Shave/Wax/Trim

Remember, lack of good hygiene can be a real turn off, so keep it ALL clean ladies.

13) Communicating – Communicating with your sexual partner should be something that comes easily. Guide him around your body by saying what you like and showing him HOW you like it.

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